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Moi qui viens de modestie ...

6 months ago | Reflections

I love this absurdity that me and people I feel affectionate about share some common traits unknown to ourselves, like the obsession with some aspects of Japanese culture such as Heiko and Zen or when the whole West is preparing to go to war with Russia, we began to feel Russia obsessed and fall in love with living or dead figures who were born or had lived essential periods of their lives there, I mean verses like:

Moi qui rêvais de Russie

Et des chorégraphies

Si belles, en ce temps-là

May the Lord protects us from the stupidity of assholes who wage wars to hide their own wrongdoings and shortcomings, or otherwise helps us be one those who were hanged before the war broke out because as long as we breathed it was impossible to commit such grand stupidities ...

Dear singer with a pirate's heart, I grew up in a household that instilled in me disgust for individuals who wear tattoos, yet when you turn such simple verses with your magnificent talents to powerful works of art, it makes me feel like, I'm not the only one who perceives the world as emotionally intensive as I do; and, so, I wished I could kiss every piece of tattoos on your skin; My learned inhibitions for tattoos set aside, dear Cœur de Pirate, I like Islam, and you have too many tattoos, that it makes my face blush making such statements ... Mind you ... I mean, I'm not going to kiss all over your body when we aren't ...

This verse and the way you sign it touches the core of my being:

Moi qui viens de modestie,

Qui rêve de symphonie

Okay, maybe we should expand the meaning of "symphony" to all highest manifestations of intellect, talents, art, beauty and ... or best said, to all manifestation of farther reaches of human nature

PS. the God and Amirhossein Farzam and his equally amazing wife are my witnesses that my affection for Cœur de Pirate dates back to many years ago, and by the way, as you see, it wasn't because I'm a boy and she is a girl, and French langue sounds too sexy to the ear of any sensitive human being ...


  • "Farther reaches of human nature" is a term I borrowed from Abraham Maslow's posthumously published book with the same title ...
  • Nijinsky by Cœur de Pirate from the musical tale "Les Souliers rouges"