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Perks of unapologetically publishing one's inside thoughts

1 year ago | Observation

A few days ago I met someone, and we had this conversation like with few other people and he was telling that I unapologetically publish my inside thoughts is something from the future and it is good and etc and I was thinking with myself: "man, this guy has no clue what he's talking about ..." and I tried to explain to him with an outlandish example that this doesn't necessarily going to help you make connection with other people or become famous or whatever, but he didn't buy it from me, also I think partly because the example I was giving him wasn't a real life example, at least it never happened in my life, or it had happened, I'm not aware of. But I kind of found the right example:

PS. Thank you for your interest in following what I'm up to, I hope [some] works at Lost Ideas Lab change your life for the better ...