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Repsonse: When a child being accused of not being feminist enough

1 year ago | Interaction

While, there are many women I appreciate and admire their professional works, at the same time, I hate that bunch of idiots has pushed some misinterpretations of justice regarding genders to such nonsense areas, that woman on their own try to attribute their behavior to their internalization of Patriarch's cultural values and perspectives, the reality has nothing to do with it, I have an unfinished article in defense of Jennette McCurdy, but till then, let’s look at this example:

Have been hoping to come across this storied letter I wrote as a child as a valiant crusade on gender inequity, but the final sentence breaks my heart a little. Even at a young age, I knew to be delicate about raising these issues to make sure men didn’t feel “thretened” (sic)

April Underwood; Twitter

[1:48 AM - 23 Feb 2018](

The truth is critics and suggestion are extremely complicated acts of human interactions and they require endless amount of skills, so much so that most communication advisors would tell you to not do it. and this young girl understands this, but this young girl also understand that she feels frustrated and unloved by the way she has been treated by that company and as we read from the text, she doesn’t know better how to criticize someone while at the same time that interaction resulting in receiving more love from that person. Critique is like punching someone in the face, even if you are right, they would want to punch you back, at least until a long while afterward when they realize you were really right and you didn’t mean to harm them but you did so cuz you wished to be liked by them.

This young girl is aware of all these complexities. The adult of this same young girl thinks of herself as someone who didn’t understand well, who didn’t have enough courage or whatever, and fake feminists are often extremely self-denigrating, extremely clueless about their own value and that of others, fake feminists define the value as being a man, or as being in high positions and etc and etc, while dismissing professional success altogether is a wrong of its own, a human being asking to be loved has no fucking relationship with professional success. Unlike fake feminists this young girl didn’t hide what she really wanted, she didn’t say: “oh, you should produce dolls from cartoons that have a main female character”, by contrast, she says: “even if someone is the second character she deserves to be loved and appreciated and celebrated.”

Fake feminists fight over the idea of whether a male or female is the president, at the end of the day there is only one single person that is going to be the president and regardless of whether a male or female president, all of us, every single one of us who aren’t that famous, that successful, that amazing, all of us wish to be loved, celebrated, appreciated. Of course, we should try to be the best of ourselves, but this young child was asking for love, attention, affection, care, not for professional success. Fake feminists see nothing else in the world that professional success. To fake feminists if you are a mother, nurse, teacher, all these are nothing, they’ve no professional value, but if you are a president, CEO or etc, that’s the only thing that matters. Most developmental psychologists agree one thing that affects a human life more than anything else after our genetic is the early attachment experiences, and even if all the CEOs, managers, leaders in the world have been male, every single one of them were been coming out of the care, affection, and attachment he experienced on woman's lab … but fake feminists fool you in believing: “it is only the people on the top who deserve love”, that’s a historical lie and that’s one of the best ways to create a mouse in the wheel experience in human beings. You force someone to work on their professional success and ignore all things romance and emotional related. That’s one of the fastest ways to create an unjust society. You’re free to take the ride. Go and blame your child self for asking for love and affection, she didn’t become a president or CEO, of course, she didn’t deserve such things as a child, you couldn’t agree more, huh?