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We reward individuals who distract us, in comment on child execution in legal system ...

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Iran’s 2013 penal code amendments prohibit executing child offenders for certain categories of crimes, including drug-related offenses. For other serious crimes, article 91 of the amended code allows judges to use their discretion and not issue a death sentence against a child who was not able to comprehend the nature and consequences of the crime at the time. The amended law also allows the courts to rely on “the opinion of a forensic doctor or other means it deems appropriate” to establish whether a defendant understood the consequences of their actions.

However, Iranian courts have continued to sentence children to death after these amendments became law. From 2014 to the end of 2017, Iran executed at least 25 people for crimes committed when they were children, according to Amnesty International and Iran Human Rights.

Iran: Three Child Offenders Executed

Tahneet J. Irshad, International Human Rights Lawyer, LinkedIn

Sometimes I feel like as a society, most people don't like to look at the reasons, try to understand and help each other... the first feature movie of Asghar Farhadi was on the same issue, Shah-re ziba, however, he is most famous for another movie. I don't know how much this analogy is true but sometimes I think as a society we tend to reward individuals who distract us ... So all in all thanks for sharing the article ...

PS. Thank you for your interest in following what I'm up to, I hope [some] works at Lost Ideas Lab change your life for the better ...