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Dear Jennette McCurdy: your website vs mine

1 year ago | Diary

Dear Jennette McCurdy, my website has quite no visitors, & if we don’t compare the contents & etc, of course it is way much better than yours! What do you think, huh? But there is a secret behind all these, guess what, unlike your website it is not with Wordpress, it is with Interactive Books' Atelier the important part of is that it was under a project that I decided to symbolically dedicate it to you … anyway, I’m taking advantage of a low point in your work life respecting whatever you envisioned with the website [forgive me] ... come on it’s not fair, I’ve been working hard to wake up at 4.30, I mean not to beat you but at least, I tried to be on eye level with you, come on, it’s not fair to give up on the website idea … if I’m not competing with someone I love, whom can I compete with? dear dear dear Jennette McCurdy, please [🙏]?

PS. By the way, apologize, if I’ve been sometimes touching the border of treating you like an idol, that doing so is very wrong & like most people I have tendency for it, unless God saves me …