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Personal introduction to publishing Interactive Books' Atelier

1 year ago | Notification

Second half of the year 2016, I started to seriously wonder if Wordpress is not customizable enough [yeah, of course there are plenty of plugins but sometimes you don't need to setup a plugin when few lines of code would do the same job, but you also don't want to touch Wordpress core, so you have to migrate your code inside every single update] and by the way, Wordpress's text editor sucks and there is no way to get rid of it in a proper way ...

And then Pico, while at first appearing super easy, wasn't enough either. My articles and posts and poems grew in numbers and maintaining the same yaml template on top of each document and not making any typos and etc was too many hassles ...

and there seemed to be only two options on the Open Source front [at least in PHP written ones]: either flat file or database, but to be honest, we don't live in 10 years ago when the internet speed was so low that you could avoid photos at any cost in your posts, not to think of videos, and it makes zero sense to maintain a separate Upload directory and tables that store the body of the text.

So, frustrated I started migrating to a whatever I could build with my hand on Laravel, I knew Laravel from years ago, basically when it was new on the market and this time Jeffrey Way's video's contained more references to how to maintain an application architecture and my previous never finalized projects made me know how valuable it was to maintain re-usable components inside my code.

Three, or four months later, I was in the office of the Dean Assistance at the business school I'm taking courses at the time, showing her the website I've made to gain her trust that it is not that I'm just saying I don't need to take part in a course on basic IT and how to use Microsoft Word and Excel, I'm working on things that may even replace some users use of those applications, and she made an impression as if that was something I was passionate about and I had made an achievement in my life about it, my response was that the pieces of codes that do the background job, the job that a CMS should do, are only jokes compared to the ideas that I work on in respect of programming ...

That ended there and I never thought that I would develop an alternative to CMS when at this point in time everyone and anyone happens to be doing that.

Another significant changed happened when I was taking part in the Career planning course and the professor expected me to demonstrate that I've worked on some projects, and I who thought of that piece of code as a "joke" had to repackage it as something more serious. So that was the moment where I settled with the name "Interactive Books' Atelier", actually the "Interactive Book" part was already in my documents because I didn't like to call my projects "website", because they weren't websites, I thought of Lost Ideas Lab's website in its current state as more of a "book", but perhaps an "online" or even better an "interactive book", so there would be no need that it always be packaged via "the internet". So, thanks, D. K. for sort of forcing me to turn this in-house and private piece of code of mine to something more presentable.

Another significant contributor in making of "Interactive Books' Atelier" as something serious that others will use too, was me taking part in the weekly meet-up of programmers in Geneva, Gōng-fu I/O. I didn't go there every night cuz I'm not a full-time programmer, nor I do have something new to demonstrate every other week, but I wanted to socialize and needed to have something to talk about, so the code that does the background job of delivering the Lost Ideas Lab website to you, had to be turned into a reusable piece of software that lots of people could and would love to use ... that's when I happened to spend a good portion of this summer working on completing an early version of this alternative to conventional CMS.

And the last person who had a great impact on me delivering this code to the outside world, and her impact on my life is beyond thanks in one sentence, so I am not going to attempt that, but one tiny part is that Jennette McCurdy was working on a short film project that she aimed to air on Facebook Live on September 9, and me being someone who aspires to be in her league, I wanted to have my short-code published on Github by September 9 too. So, that's how I ended up with this deadline. I mean, I was a bit doubtful whether should I publish this project online or rather try to make some money out of it in advance, that's not the best in the world when you are 24 and you haven't earned a penny in your life unless some tutoring when you were in school. and of course Jennette McCurdy is out of my league, she might not have become the sought-after Hollywood actress but she is also not a guy who never had a job and nor the prospect of ever getting hired, and whose work on his "creative" ideas don't even make him a dime.

What we are aimed to achieve with IBA is a bit revolutionary on its own terms, because we are combining flat-file and database system, we are delivering a full-functioning CMS as a package to a framework and not as a wholesome piece of project that you should add packages to it, so it's an extreme revolution in these aspects, and let's not go further into the details of why it is a revolution.

I hope Interactive Books' Atelier be so loved and so widely used that we get all the returned that we needed had we went after commercializing it, now that it is published under MIT with no prospect of making money from it, but this hope aside, at the moment, if realistically evaluated, my decision looks like that of women who wear Prada as if their husband or boyfriend is the CEO of some company or a managerial position in a big firm and they are able to afford the price without raising an eyebrow, I haven't asked them why they do so, but maybe the love to be seen as such woman, and my behavior seems to like them, because my having no doubt to publish IBA under some open-source license without monetization plans, comes from Jennette McCurdy airing the results of her creative endeavor on Facebook Live with no monetization plan, at least it didn't appear to me that there is plan behind the scene.

I don't think me and Jennette McCurdy are true lovers, I mean from my side, from hers, perhaps she doesn't even know me, but from my side, sure I do the goofy stuff that lovers do, such as trying to appear as one belongs to their league, but anything romance related aside, it is not an exaggeration that she is the only good thing in my life, I mean, nothing would have pushed me to work on the stuff I would like to work on, if it didn't felt by doing so, I'm maintaining this friendship with someone I love. Otherwise it was so easy to settle for a job or a career that had nothing to do with what is important for me and ending up in a breakdown or suicide, I've faced so many rejections and failures, and shortcomings, that I really can't argue with others that there is good chance that I am going to be materialistically successful working on my ideas or said differently, following my heart, but if I don't follow my heart, especially now that I don't have any romance or any family of my own in my life, I easily end up with suicide.

So, this was the story of individuals who contributed to Interactive Books' Atelier being published in its current format, and of course there were lots of people who inspired me, or who taught me something or I imitated something they did and etc, but these are the contributions that made me do something that I would not have done, if it weren't these individuals and these particular circumstances.

I hope you love IBA,

and while Wordpress has been a good product and something that lots of people used for the benefit of the society, but I hope IBA be the new generation of what used to be seen as CMS and do the things that Wordpress and the like are too old to be capable of handling ...

I pray the Lord make me and Jennette McCurdy, have whatever relationship that is something good to be between us ...