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The suggestion about building a fan base by Instagram

1 year ago | Observation

This photo should have actually been posted on Lost Ideas Lab’s blog & back then I had no intention for an Instagram account, but now here, because actually, it was Andrew's suggestion to post hope promoting sentences from my writings to Instagram so to increase the visibility of them ... You don’t expect someone as terrible as me in interactions with people, knowing how to use Instagram, added to since a bit while (4 years) there has been no hope in me, unless maybe in a few short periods ...

Sounding hopeful about the future and because of that immense hope, being inspiring is not really my thing when my attitudes about myself and about my life are empty of hope ... but I don’t think it is always success that can be inspiring, you can look at someone’s mistake and say to yourself „that’s exactly what I would like to avoid“. I will sound like Jennette McCurdy’s "personal message“, but I don’t like to sell you hopes that can’t be fulfilled, yeah, you can basically become president by doing so, but that promise of hope is not going to fix any real issue, if you don’t change the policies, if all the people in the country change together ...

Personal Message by Jennette McCurdy

Life is not easy, becoming who you are is not easy, and yeah, it feels good to say, it’s easy, easy, easy, it’s so achievable, and etc, but these fake presentations won’t help you through hard times. I don’t believe you have to be sinister about life, but this is the life I have right now, this is how I feel right now, and I’m going to be honest [by Allah’s leave, if Allah will], if there is hope in your life, and I really encourage and support good people to have hope, to regain hope, to leave all hardships in life behind, but the hope in your life, should be partly because of your life, partly because of other people, environment, situations and etc around you. I’m humbled if my works have such place in your life and I’m grateful from the Lord for that, but my works shouldn’t be a fake representation of hope in your life. Yeah, it feels great to be a fan of Barcelona, Manchester United, or whatever sports team and be glad that they won, but their achievements are not yours. Enjoying sport is one thing, but that shouldn’t turn into substituting other people’s success, hope, positiveness and etc for that of your own. Of course, a positive environment, a positive attitude by someone in your environment could have positive effects on you too, but when that’s the only source of positivity in your life, you should really reconsider what are you doing with yourself, your energy, are you really following your heart?

PS. me & Jennette McCurdy sometimes sound quite the same, if we are talking about the same matters from the same perspective, and it’s kind of strange …specially as I don’t think we have grown up in the same cultural, educational, religion or even family ... if I and my brother had so much in common, you would say we picked our ideas from our parents, no surprise, but not two strangers, thousands of kilometer away ... I hope the Lord helps Jennette McCurdy and me to realize the best of our words and to guide her and me to change our opinions when they aren’t correct