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Remarks after watching parts of "The Angry Eye"

2 years ago | Observation

It is a great mean of education to put someone into other people’s situations; however it is only relevant when someone is so away from the reality that their brain can’t grasp the difference and it is necessary that they do. Children aren’t born racist. Should they be thought not to be racist in this way? Never. Should someone like Trump be thought about racism in this way? Maybe. It is a shame to believe this practices could decrease racism. It is as if you would rape every male child to show them how does it feel for a woman to be raped. This practice only increases the number of individuals who have been raped, before having any impact on solving the issue. These cameras, these people, this whole crowd who loved and share this, this people are shame and disgrace for the philosophy of education and human nature. This is an abuse of one’s power, to instead of forcing your position on people of power, forcing your ideas on those who don’t have power against you in the disguise of an “exercise.” Sorry, fake teacher, there is a word for what you are doing: "abuse"; there is a response that you deserve to receive: "asshole"! Psychological destruction on children in the name of “exercise” is wrong, and you are not a teacher but a psychological abuser. If we go based on the false criminal justice of our times, there is only one place on the Earth that will suit you: prison!

This exercise is a set of behavior just like racism. If you want to organize such events, do it with Trump's cabinet, they have a record of making racist remarks as adults, and they are in positions that their remarks matters; and if you want to teach these youth about racism, teach them to criticize the norm with a set of moral values. You don’t need this theater and those fucking cameras. Shame on you. You are wrongdoers.

Shame on Oprah Winfrey and all other people who didn’t oppose you. Jane Elliott is nothing but an asshole, who if we lived in a just society would have faced punishments for her crimes.

By the end of the video, Jane Elliott discusses the idea that liberals tend to say “I don’t see you black” which I don’t want to support it here, but that Jane Elliot is an asshole is in every one of each two sentences of hers during her whole fake exercise visible. The Miss asshole believes liberals are talking about people’s skin color; what they mean is only a simple differentiation between themselves and the rest of American population; meaning “I don’t believe you are an Afro slave who has nothing to do in my country other than being a slave and who is dirty and whose life is a property of the white people and whose worth is only in the profit or please he or she can produce, and I will abuse you as much as it doesn’t cause malfunctioning in my property.” That’s what they mean Miss asshole. Just as when a woman would enter a workplace and being greeted by the boss with “I don’t see you as a woman”, that boss is not telling that “I don’t see you have breast” or that “I have first to see whether you have a vagina or penis;” that boss means "you are hired here for your qualities that the job description required from you, and that unlike the rest of individuals in my profession, I am not going to look at you as a source of sexual consumption, or someone with no brain, or someone whose only use is carrying a man’s baby.” These people only draw a line between themselves and the rest of the society, not because that other person is special in their eyes but because their society’s norm is the mistreatment of those individuals with that particular characteristics.

The least you can do before you are dead is to apologize for all the individuals you abused during your life, for promoting the psychological abuse as “exercise”; otherwise, Allah’s punishment is not far away from wrongdoers …

PS. The term black doesn’t apply to most of the individuals labeled as “black” in the US, most of those people are brown, light brown, dark brown. Asshole Jennette Elliot, the issue of racism is mixed in the flesh of a nation built on genocide, your exercise only abuses children, not correcting the dark past of …

PS. Using the term “asshole" is only meant as a compensation for lack of punishment by the criminal justice system for psychological abuse of minors; otherwise, I discard the idea of using dirty expressions about individuals.