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Move to other planets to find trust, friendship, comfort and love

2 years ago | Reflections

You always hear "men just want one thing", and as a boy I can tell you, the first thing I would want from a girl whom I wish to have an intimate relationship would be that we share the same vision, that we agree on moral values, that we wish to live a life worth living and the list goes on to other matters too, but it’s striking that not only heterosexual girls, but even lesbian girls don’t give a shit about this stuff … I mean, I have nothing against erotic, but my personal guess was that maybe lesbians are less blind by the sexual part of relationship and consider it as a whole but the current sapphinx at least, has no place for a bond of hearts in her dream version of intimate relationships. I guess I have to share the fate of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “the little Prince” and move to other planets to find trust, friendship, comfort and love …

[I wanted to end this with a wish to achieve your dreams but as I don’t like your dreams to come true about me, so I wont’ ask them for you, so I would rather say] I hope one day you give more space to your heart than your sexual organs so it guides you to find intimacy with someone who has place inside it! [it=your heart]