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Would you ...?

2 years ago | Reflections

My interaction with women I like very much:

Just that you have to change “solve crimes?” with “change the world [if Allah wills]?” [1]

Okay, no denial A. S. caused me a bit of shift in my attitudes, but if I like someone more than “very much”, my question would be, “would you like to … marry me?” without having any dinner in between. If we would still be alive, we can have the dinner after marriage, I don’t like my companion to hunger after all ;-D [2]

[1] as said to Rebekka, Amirhossein and Shirin Farzam, Elsa and wished to say to Sophie and another girl in France and in a wider meaning and to a lesser intensive degree Maria and Luisa and ...

[2] as said to N., Aubrey Plaza, Jasmine van den Bogaerde, A Beautiful Girl (actually I didn’t even said a word to her) and Aryn Wüthrich

And for people who doesn’t fit in the two categories at all, as with: A. S., Jennette McCurdy