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Before The US 2016 Election ...

2 years ago | Notification

You remember the last debate [okay, the one before the last, if you can AL Smith Dinner], that some people call each other Puppet?

Here is our reflection on current political divide in the US:

He is the puppet, she is the puppet, we are the puppets …

In case you can tolerate a portion of sarcasm, a couple of weeks ago I wrote on Ten things I have learned from DNC

and for a deeper understanding of how did it happen that we became blind to all the stuff going around in politics and society while we have 24h close to live news coverage on every important/significant event, I recommend looking at Sarah's article Prostitutes of wisdom.

Complement Sarah's article with News outlets and the difference between [the so called] dictators and democrats for my thoughts on how the latests leaks by Wikileaks related to Hillary Clinton were reflected in the media ...