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Ten things I have learned from DNC

2 years ago | Observation

Okay, before getting into sarcasm and critics and harsh truths underneath the jokes, let me say, I have stopped myself multiple times from writing against Hillary, just because the alternative is Trump, but man, sometimes you can’t …

9. We have seen couple of times when girls and boys come together, serious stuff turns into pre-mating motivated collective behavior patterns, but Meryl Streep topped everything I have ever encountered in my life, it was the manifestation of „what does it take to be the first woman on YouPorn, live from DNC?“ unimaginable. Simply unimaginable.

8. A con man presented with the truth, can’t even lie about it. He just repeats himself: „I worked very very hard … I’ve had tremendous success“ he can make even the interviewer be stunned and interrupting him: „Those are sacrifices?“ and yet still his supporters don’t get the point.

7. Whether the supporters of Beyoncé may like or dislike it, in some instances it is not far from the reality that „behind every great/successful man there stands a woman“ and typically those women, who indeed contributed to how the world was run [and is run] in contradiction to Beyoncé’s imagination didn’t bare themselves in leotards for the public [I guess perhaps her husband just changed the channel from history to porn while she left only a few seconds for the rest room], just before making any conclusion out of this sentence one more note: I know you all love Harry Potter and everyone’s looking for solutions as effective and as quick as a magic spell. Sure the fact that the very beautiful Emma Watson was cast for Harry Potter has made your perception from such female characters be a bit biased about their beauty but if one thing you can learn from this election, it would be that even a very beautiful Slovak model can’t change a con artist to a president. So, be careful about who you are.

6. Bernie Sanders isn’t a terrorist, he is not backed by Iran or North Korea, he doesn’t want to implement Sharia in the United States, he has been a senator for a long time, he is running for the presidency as a democrat, he has the same opinions as Hillary Clinton on tons of issues, and even more surprisingly from the beginning of his campaign he said, that he doesn’t think he would become a president, and beside all these he didn’t mention number of issues, which could have destroyed the whole image of Hillary Clinton, for example: „Secretary of states claims that she has all the criteria to run for the presidency, if we just look at her past experiences, by the time she fulfilled all the criteria to sexually satisfy her husband’s desires, unfortunately, a less qualified person did a better job than her. On the paper she looks to make a president, like when on the paper she was the wife of Bill Clinton“, I mean let’s be serious, it is publicly proved that the DNC tried to manipulate the press in favor of Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders wasn’t her enemy, yet she misused her power to win over him, should we trust such person? Shouldn’t such person shame herself for standing in front of tons of people and claiming she runs for „social justice“? Which justice? You treat your party member so unfairly and unjustly, without ever taking notice of your misdeeds.

5.Presidency is the job that the young black Barack Obama is saying „it made my hairs turn to white“, yet some talk about it so, as if it were the topping of a Cake that women were banned from tasting, and now the justice is coming back to the history. Just because you are going to be the first woman to be the president, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be a great president. Forget the whole point about your gender. A president is there to govern a nation, not to receive a prize or what the fuck ever. People, the presidency means obligations, duties, responsibilities, power and etc, it is not a prize. You can’t say „oh, in the past no other woman has received this prize, so to be fair let’s hand it this time to a woman.“ Presidency is not a wedding dress that if you fight hard enough for your beloved other, you deserve it, it’s a fucking obligation.

4. After 8 years, in a country with about 320 million population still only two public political figures can deliver a speech with fair quality to be heard. Obviously, Michelle and his husband. I mean it really sucks that a nation such as the United States, where nearly all great minds of the world at one point in their life has migrated there is empty of descent, honest, great political leaders, what can we expect in the rest of the world? Perhaps the biggest lesson could be that currently, the whole world is in decline phase in respect of socio-political leadership.

3. I have read the reflection of some great individuals about the positive impact their parents had in their lives. What is shared among these stories is that those parents trusted their child and let him or her grow into that great personality. Usually such people recall bunch of interesting stories about how their parents treated them in different ages, and those stories are rarely similar, because every other person has grown up in a totally different manner, but there is usually something in common when such individuals talk about their parents and it is that they never tell you „I always felt love by my parents“, as if it never crosses their minds, I guess, it is because if you grow up in a loving environment, the act of being loved is such a natural thing for you that you don’t see any need to mention it with such a statement. Yet watching Chelsea Clinton having no inspiring or heartwarming anecdote to tell around her childhood and how her mother has treated her, and only positive statement being that „she always felt loved“, just looks like someone who has never been loved, trying to persuade herself and the audience that she indeed had a wonderful childhood while her parents were most of the time absent and even trying to tell how concerned she was about other children, in a way that makes you feel she was never concerned about her. Maybe Chelsea Clinton is only not a good speaker but when the only fascinating thing she can tell about her parents is that her mother spent Saturdays and Sundays with her, that even though she didn’t leave her for long time alone at home, she always left notes with dates on them, so she could know, which note is for which day … makes me just respond: Yes, spending your weekend with your child is an extraordinary sacrifice in the scale of sacrifices that Donald Trump has made for his country.

2. you may believe we are far advanced than the folks who lived in the past, for example, we have „Democracy“, but even those who lived in the civilization under a kingdom experienced the same thing, „only someone who is too weak, chose someone weaker than him or herself as the running mate.“ back then they call it minister, nowadays we call it vice presidents, but in this series of election, you can observe, we have never ever learned a single thing from history.

1. it is possible to follow a president for 8 years on a daily basis, and work along with another president for about 4 years and still not have the faintest idea that micromanagement and leadership are not the same things. I mean at all. I mean a president don’t need to know my prescription price, at all. Honey, at all.

0. From Katy Perry only the shadow of the woman we loved has remained. I miss the girl who is only a shadow of herself after living with a ghost. Girl, I miss you. Honestly look a bit at Russell Brand. The man mocks the media and jokes NSA on air, you tour in their name. Katy Perry, I miss you. I mean once your limits were the forbidden areas of life, like „I kissed a girl“ or „wide awake“ nowadays, you make tours promoting the NSA program Prism or the presidential nominee who can be anything but a president.

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