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Revised slogan

2 years ago | Notification

About a month ago, on a weekend as the usual of Breakfast Club, me and Heriberto discussed about the name I try to introduce my works under it, "Lost Ideas Lab".

His response was that he can in no way relate to what it should mean and he offered some suggestion. Some days later, I started considering what does this name associate to itself, when one hears it for the time.

The name "Lost Ideas Lab" is with me since a few years now, and it is probably going to stay ...

Yet, I came up with an explanation line, that may help newcomers have an idea of what's really going on here: "A place lost in time and location, house to people pursuing the impossible …"

Just in order to save the history, our first explanation line, in case you would remember it or maybe find somewhere on the web was "the house of ideas who has lost their ways ..." and some other similar sentences to this one.