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Third pair of shoes

8 months ago | Diary

Elsewhere I wrote about the first time I heard the term "loser", but back then I didn’t even know I was raped. So, the idea of not being good enough for any woman to seduce you wasn’t really something I cared about, neither could I senes it when I was exposed to forms of it … Anyways …

For some private reasons – actually one of them is public within a blog post, the one where my friend was suggesting me to go after dating single mother, if I’m really that eager to having had a baby – I ended up thinking about having a relationship with someone who is – kind of – not entirely yours. I mean, commitment to a child who is hers with someone else. And there are so many doubts and unanswered questions in my mind about it, whenever that possibility reveals itself about someone, so much so, that I end up asking strangers on Twitter for advice:

But if the idea of being the third pairs about some particular pairs of shoes could have been an actual possibility – I mean, me not more being a loser and actually deserving being a father/husband –, I don’t mind not having all the answers to those internal doubts figured out in advance.