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A word from Björk

3 years ago | Diary

To all those who struggle to let their gifts be out there, and from the individuals I know in person, such as Maria, Amirhossein, Shirin, Hoang and lots of other individuals and especially N. …

I definitively contacted them in this regard, but Björk argument is just amazing. 

I love the novelty and gifts of God to this woman, I love the humbleness of this woman, I love the strange attitude of her answers to Charlie Rose’s questions …

I never listened to her song but here is her words:

> 20:51 – 23:37 >

**Charlie Rose: **You never thought even when you were part of the Sugar Cubes that you might have a solo life?

Bjork: No. I was not conscious of it until, like, a year or maybe two years before my debut came out. Yeah. And I thought– it started to become more clear to me that I was being a coward, hiding my songs.

**Charlie Rose: **A coward?

Bjork: Yeah.

**Charlie Rose: **Because you didn’t– you weren’t– you were scared to test them, to see if there was an audience or to see if people would like them or what?

Bjork: Well, I was just having the best life a person can have because I was living in Iceland, which to start off with is for me like paradise on earth.

**Charlie Rose: **Why is that?

Bjork: It’s just a gorgeous combination of completely rural,rural nature and then the modern things that you need. It’s perfectly balanced. And I’ve got all my friends and all the people I love and I’ve known since I was born were living, like, in a five-minute walk radius around me. I had a little house and would cook meals for people. And we would drink wine. And then once in a while I would tour the world with the SugarCubes and it would be just right. And then I realized that these songs that I’ve been writing since I was a child, when I go on my walks, I always just kept them as my own private sanctuary, like to sort of remain sane kind of thing, that I had to kind of, I guess, share them. Because once in a while I would sit– I would be alone at night and open a book or I would get a craving that I couldn’t understand and it would be sort of satisfied with the right film or with the right book or with the right CD. And I would slowly start to read the back of the things and realized that actually the people who made those things, they sort of sacrificed almost everything to be able to give these things to me. So there I was, sitting in my comfortable arm chair, having the most gorgeous life one can think, and when I needed that sort of craving satisfied, I would just reach out for the right book or something. And I was almost 26 by that time and I felt it was my time to make that sort of a risk.

Björk, thank you so much …

Watch the full interview on Charlie Rose’s Website or below: