Lost Ideas Lab Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Whether You Understand It Or Not

In a world run by advertisement

In a culture optimized for search engines

You hesitated way too long

to make up your mind

for blue or pink

forget this stupid world

my lips are the color of yours

more or less

my eyes look in the world in same colors as yours

more or less

I want the gaze of your eyes belong to my eyes

not to a blue-or-pink decision

I want the taste of your lips belong to my tongue

not cowardly man extension

in the list of your one night stands

Here is brave human’s confessions

I want you to be all mines, if you want all of me be yours

love me or not

the beautiful human, you deserve love of mine

no matter me dead or alive

pick the one you want

this dress is made for your body baby

whether you want it or not

love will protect you of all these invisible insults

whether you understand it or not

you’ll look gorgeous in the dress cut for your body



For Ashley N. Frangipane, and for Rebekka

Dedicated to Ashley N. Frangipane Rebekka

Inspired by Halsey


Sep 16, 2016