Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

The Bond Of Two Souls

A🁢🁢🁢🁢 I am born to love you
I never need your love

A🁢🁢🁢🁢 I am there to love you
I never asked you for love

A🁢🁢🁢🁢 I was your true friend
Never an eye for rewards

A🁢🁢🁢🁢 I was there to be yours
I never thought of winning you

Please stop living in lies
A🁢🁢🁢🁢, you are a human not a sex toy
Imagine that I owned you like an object
You can feed a hungry soul case with an object
But an object would never turn to a soulmate

Please stop living in your pasts
Those few times when you loose all your life
A🁢🁢🁢🁢 I will hold you in arms forever till you heal
A🁢🁢🁢🁢 you don’t need my arms embracing you forever
look in my eyes, rest your lips over mine …

A🁢🁢🁢🁢, didn’t felt you the magic
every little since that we spent together?
It was not me, It was not you
It was the bond of two souls

Edited: May 13, 2016

For A. S.

I don’t know when did things started to take this turn in your life but I know, since then you accept relationship from men who treats you like an object inside themselves. It wasn’t necessary to live this way. I was always there for you to love you but not when you expect me to be like other men.

Dedicated to A. S.


May 12, 2016