Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

One Day

I will write our story one day

when my heart does no more ache

I will pick up a pen one day

when my hands do no more shake

I will see the pages one day

when my eyes do no more cry

I will tell your story one day,

I will tell all the truth one day,

I will show the world one day,

the one who said,

I want to stay here forever

leave me alone forever that day

I will no more cry one day,

when my heart is empty of you,

I will no more want to end my life one day,

when my heart will be full of love for someone else,

I will tell all the truth one day,

let them feel your love for me,

just for one second one day

I will sing a song of you one day,

when my mouth do no more pain saying your name

Just look at me,

one day,

if my heart wants to love somebody else

the very first thing I tell her,

even if it will hurt both of us,

I will tell her the story of you,

Even if she would never know,

how to deal with all these pains,

one day,

when I love somebody else,

that day I will talk about you,

cause I love somebody else …

Sorry .............. I didn't recognized .......


Sep 15, 2015