Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

My Little Sunshine

There is broken heart in my soul
I wished to gift it to your hands
cause you felt like my rescue,
my cure

There was a lost book in my hands
I wished you to be one of its guardians
cause you follow lights in your life
by your eyes

I didn’t saw you are too young
I didn’t realised how innocent you are

My little sunshine
I have walking down this path
by His guidance on my own
all alone

I had lost my soul mate on the journey
I wasn’t looking for a friend
for a helpmate

My little sunshine
your happiness is my comfort
I wished we spent these few time remained on my watch
with each other
call it ours

Last Edited: January 27, 2016

For N. To know, all I did are deep wishes in my heart and if not, it’s wrong and it’s my mistake, and you have my most honest and deepest apologize. … and that night when we met first time, we passed two breathtaking beautiful women, and I couldn’t have a (fair enough) acquaintance on my side and pass you by and don’t encourage him to speak to you … may it comes to a happy ending for him. The time after that, I thought I can invite you, maybe his financial situation will improve for the next time when he will meet you …

There is a detailed version of this poem which I didn't preferred to publish, but to clarify my past, I made it available ...

Dedicated to N.


Nov 20, 2015