Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Love Omens

For A. S.’s birthday, thanks to Allah

Sitting on the window
Gazing seep of the time
Your heart wished it could have stayed
Never expecting those months reaching their end

I know,
I was an author,
But no word

I know,
I was a lover
But no kiss

I was the stranger
Surrounded by friends

I wished all days of my life
For your eyes, your lips, your face
Long before first day we met

I wished all the time we spend
For a talk about dead, life and religion

I was too young
To show you my feeling
In clothes made of words

Too innocence to recognize
That your mind yearns a handshake between our lips
To recognized the immense desires of our soul cases for closeness

Those pair of casual shoes
The eye lines, you’ve just twice1 used
That school bag, with all those tiny notebooks
You never knew,
How much someone would love all them
Cause they are yours2


Sitting in the dark,
Wishing this nightmare comes to an end
Hoping the time resolves all problems



The girl of science
The girl of pure logic
She loves whom she should love
Distrust all human-made religions

The boy of silence
The boy of never spoken thought
Struggles all the while to realize
Someone else’s girl can be his love



You walked away,
Left him alone,
At least others are satisfied with us

It destroyed our heart,
Left my resolve be suicide,
At least others are satisfied with us

You should fake love,
Being in bed with someone else,
I must pretend love,
Dating just one another girl,
At least others are satisfied with us

But if
There would live
Just one awake soul
In this fucking world

As long as you and me are alive
Each single breath of you and I
Will be provide enough omen of love
As prove for this awake soul

[Fuck every satisfied person with us3]

1 that other time you used them, it was because Yann was there, so it doesn’t count in this verse …

2 There are enough serious issues between you and me to fight because of them, but I love your short hair cut. That you believe men from the Middle East, feel attracted to women with long hairs, has nothing to do with us. Firstly I feel very attracted to your hear cut cause it is your hair cut, secondly I am not from anywhere, to say I have desires for such sort of women, because men from those region are … You know?

3 You and I are causing great pains to ourselves by the choices we have made and that we have no relationship with each other but all these best friends, family members and etc, who know us, who are there to care about us, to advise us when we need them, watch us and know we love each other and know we are apart and in pain and instead of being unsatisfied with us, and telling us what we are doing to ourselves and one another is wrong, they are there and they are satisfied with us! I don’t like to use phrases like „fuck“ but I think they really need someone to tell them what they are doing to us is awful. To watch us being in pain and knowing why we are in pain and sitting there and observing us, instead of being in pain, because of our pain, they are satisfied with us, while we are in great pain. These people are not real friends and if they are real friends, then they deserve to hear „fuck“ cause that’s what you hear when you do something horrible to your best friend and don’t apologize from them …

Dedicated to A. S.


Nov 17, 2015