Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Love & Empirical Science

I have lost nothing in the world A. S.
it’s a planet full of people
it’s a world full of untouched

The only reason
To end up each time
In this tiny piece of land

The only reason
Never to be able to sleep well
Unless in your closeness (being close to you)

The reason why
Standing up stronger again
Every time I’m broken in pieces

I’m lost in how I feel for you, A. S.

Don’t ask me
Why I love you
And others don’t

Don’t ask me
Why I chase after you
And others don’t

Don’t ask me
Why all that I want is you
And others don’t

Don’t ask me
Why you cause water
When you are thirsty

Don’t ask me
Why a seed grows
Just when it senses the sunshine

Don’t ask me
Why the earth
Should round the sun in circles

I’m1 the methodology behind science
This folks first observe
Then make the conclusion

They don’t ask the sun
Why he doesn’t circle the earth
The day sound and the earth change their minds
They come up with the next round of answers
If we are not together
These folks knew
We don’t love each other
And if one day
We live with each other
These folks has the whole while known
That we had loved each other
The reason for our love
Is our designs
Evidences for our love
Are the deepest roots of our acts
Not that we can be successful with each other or not

1 we all know that such equation is not mathematically meant …

Dedicated to A. S.


Dec 22, 2015