Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

If Allah Wills

It looks like they were right

The nightmare I never could have been believing

It looks like they were right

Our time is not the clash of powers but religions

It looks like they were right

Even though they never claimed

One day a human will kill your beloved in the name of Allah

I found you in darkest time of my life

I’m gonna change our world with you

I’m gonna cast the light on all these shadows

Who bet on investment to ruin the fragile peace of our time with you

We’re gonna make your nights reach the end

We’re gonna make our days fun

God damn the Friday nights you prescribed us

We’re gonna make civilization without laws

We’re gonna shit all the papers you print

Embarrassed the poor by your generous credits

We’re gonna sing the world a national anthem for truth

We’re gonna let the middle class know

who gave raise to terrorist despite the resistance of believers

We’re gonna sing the first song for our borderless Earth

We’re gonna make these clowns forget

It was in our times when they made it up to head of nations

We’re gonna make your world upside down

We’re gonna put you in the spotlight

God damn all those who lead our civilization to war

if Allah wills

Inspired by Ryn Weaver, dedicated to Aryn M. Wüthrich

July 22, 2016
Edited July 30. 2016

Dedicated to Aryn M. Wüthrich

Inspired by Ryn Weaver


Jul 30, 2016