Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

I Sorry …

I sorry
I am not the person you see
I am not the son you dreamed of me to be

I am sorry
I am not the lover this folk is used to know
I am not the believer this folk is used to kill

I sorry
I just lack a little time on my wrist
I can’t live more than my time to show this people who I am

I am sorry
I am not the client you use to have
I can’t be a student in a class

I sorry
I just don’t grow in the boy you dreamed of
I am the untold secrets, I can’t keep silence when these people lie
but they just lie to themselves
they don’t hurt anyone but their very own selves

I sorry
I ain’t after the taste of your lips
You remember that hole in your wore jeans?

I am sorry
I would never be your ex-boyfriend
unlike all other men in your life, I am not born to love another woman

I sorry
I just don’t chase you in my dreams
if you want a poison to kill your heart’s hope for me in this wold
every second without you is enough reason for my soul to leave this body

Dedicated to people whom I used to love


Feb 20, 2016