Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

First Time We Fall In Love

If love was a word
My soul want to shout
My eyes perused you
Sparkled to your eyes

You were that girl
Full of books, lots of notebooks
Your bags full of plans
Designed for tomorrow with another man

My whole being intoxicated by your talks
My eyes dreamed to espy your breasts through your top

I was that boy without age
A man who never thinks of tomorrow
Full of secrets, never revealed thoughts
Looking for a heart as bright as the sun

Your whole life were full of joy when I stood far too close to you
Your lips dreamed of a late night for a touch by those ever closed lips

I feared to turn
All plans you made
Into dust in the wind

You feared, if ever
a too young man
too closed
undecided man ..

That day at your room, just you, me, your closed suitcases to leave and … If I didn’t undress you, it doesn’t mean I didn’t wish to ...

Dedicated to A. S.


Jul 20, 2015