Lost Ideas Lab Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Blessed Be You

if I’m used to leave the town

when my heart aches for your warmth

if I’m used to seem confused

when it’s someone else’s interest following my footsteps

if I’m used to be walk in rain

when it’s only the rain the temporary cover for all my tears

OH my Lord

We promised together

It was just You and I

I just ask you for three sunny days …

And You show me in the very last moment of each day

The beautiful face of my love

Maybe it was the difference of our genders

The cause for my misleadingness

Should I have seen it is not love

When my whole life I’ve never let anyone so close to my heart

And my whole I would have never let anyone so close to my body

If I were age enough to have known what it meant

And what they wanted to achieve with my body

Maybe I just couldn’t grasp

Best friends can be way closer than spouses

I had this limit in my mind

That if someone knows her way around my heart

Better that I had ever encountered my own heart

I just thought she should be the one

Maybe I was just a never loved child

Maybe I was just subjected to all never working relationships

As the real love in other people’s lives

I know I never had a friend in my life

But the woman You put in my life

If what You wanted was us never being each others

My continues cries hers

MY apologizes hers

The best of my friendship hers

I just could never knew all these are not love

I just could never knew what humans are cable of

I was just a lifelong lonely soul

I was just a never truly loved kid

Just a lost spirit who didn’t know what human attachment is

So blessed be You, the Best of Creators

Dedicated to A. S.


Sep 12, 2016