Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Beautiful Girl

When life seems to just run away
All these open doors be locked on your way
When your days are the nightmare
You wish to fall in bed and they fade away
But your dreams are all those nightmare in reverse

When it looks like you have passed the next ride to change
When the one who seemed to be the care of a heart
Is far too far away and you see anyone but yourself to blame

But the days will come and go once again
If you just hold a bit, a tiny bit longer again
If you only let this endless pain wash your bones and flesh once again

It’s a world full of wonder
Full of free souls but made silent

Let the misfortune take your hand
And don’t forget your beautiful eyes are not made tone a house to death so soon

Undiscovered pearl
Follow your heart
Trust your mind
You will find yourself surrounded by the light

For that beautiful girl who looked so much like you, like you, in that photo from you that you said you don’t like … and I liked how beautiful you are

Dedicated to A beautiful girl


Mar 14, 2016