Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Beat Of Your Heart

Just like a rainbow
in the eyes of strangers
our closeness looked like a miracle

Just like a desert
in the eyes of strangers
our distant seemed we never loved one another

in my heart was the dream of your soul
an untouchable wish for my soul case in your body

and this folk
don’t speak the language of love
don’t understand your body, your soul
this folk
just looked in your eyes
claimed I will be the reason for your sadness
this folk
just reached your ears
preaching this love, if ever, is endless madness

if there was a road
to live this life
as we should

you have to wash your soul in the lake of repentance
open your ears to the sound of your mind
dance to the beat inside your bones,
to be the beat of your heart

for A. S.

Dedicated to A. S.


Mar 20, 2016