Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

Another’s Girl

When the black shine white …
I don’t know how it would end
And how it even come to this
And why your tale is so dark

Even I know It’s not my song
Even I know you’re the cloud that rain on another land
Even I know you’re the note that is written for another instrument
Even I know you’re the wind that wants to make a storm in another see
Even I know you want to be the sun for another earth

But there’s no matter

Cause I’m not the earth,
I’m not the see or even land
and not even an instrument
I’m an alien who traveling in the universe

Wishing the sun to shine much brighter
Wishing the calm sea seeing stormy waves for the first time
Wishing the rain making the arid land grow flowers for the first time
And wish to hear the unique song of the intone instrument

For Elsa E., thanks for everything.

Inspired by Elsa E. and A. L. G.

Edited: April 6, 2014

Dedicated to E. E.


Feb 1, 2013