Galactic Visions Neglasnyy Masterskaya

(No Title)

If my heart had few lines you could read
You had felt
Your body, your soul
The warmth in the air cause your closeness
Made me with each breath be more in love with you

If your mind had few scenes I could see
I had known
All that you wished to see in me and didn’t
Was man who had a plan for his life
That will me you feel safe in his arms

I trusted to play the role of a boy, who don’t know
How to build a nest for a girl
You tried to play the role of a friend to an alien
Who would have you in heart in all the galaxies he would pass by

All these loving parents
All these experienced friends
All these caring governments
Should have been our guide to our love

For the folk
That the honesty is forbidden
The truth cheated all the days
The love was a temporary sexual attraction
You would hate all the days forward

We couldn’t call
Who we are
True love
My friends
Your teachers
We should rethink
what we like in a man
What appreciate in a woman

But He showed me His rules
It is love
It is the core of growth in humans
It is what wrongdoers will miss to understand

The way we decided to
Be the best for each other
Just broke us in pieces

Even though my heart
Had never lines you could read
Here are the results of my thoughts
days and nights
My heart is made to love you
My beautiful soul
My best friend
My one and only help mate

for A. S.

Dedicated to A. S.


Feb 28, 2016