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About Lost Lang Organization

Our Philosophy

Lost Lang is an international hub, aimed to provide connect and ease the connection between people to the language and cultures, that they are interested in, if Allah wills.

Our Story

As I grew up and learned about the humanities, the use of my mother tongue as my first language became less and less, until one day a foreign language seemed as an undeniable part of my existence as if it was a long lost piece.

Hossein, founder of Lost Lang

How could Lost Lang help you?

We'll try to connect you with the right people and the material you would like in the language you're trying to master.

Try it and you'll see that you learn much effective and much faster and with more fun.

Not-for-Profit Organization (Stiftung)

Lost Lang is not aimed to make any direct or indirect profits for people behind it ...

At Lost Lang we view cultural creations (products) different than the usual understanding of the capitalistic world-view, the tendency to understands works of arts as products of music industry, film industry and book industry.

The choice for Lost Lang's future host ...


the nation with four +one official languages

Even thought the number 135th in the ranking of big countries, four languages and English are officially used in Switzerland.

At Lost Lang, we are aimed to develop apps and make room for cultural events to take place out of their home.

We invite people to experience the language they are interested in with all their senses, if Allah wills.

And Switzerland seems like the best host for us.


We hope, the first or the second location were we lunch Lost Lang be somewhere in France ...

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