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Four languages and lots of dialects

not an easy undertaking for a nation with 8 million residents in an ever globalized world …

The proportion of foreigners in Switzerland was about 14.7% in 1910 and by the end of 2013 with 23,8% Switzerland was among one of the countries with the highest proportion of foreigner in Europe.

Even thought 26,2% of this population came from countries with the same language, Germany, France and Italy, the guests usually face great difficulties in understanding the native residents. For example, the first thing nearly every German visitor talks about by visiting the German-speaking part of the Switzerland, is the strange German language which people speaks there and it begins with the early contact, nearly with “Grüzi” instead of “Hallo”.

These facts added to the effects of globalisation and new technologies after the industrial revolution, it becomes obvious that in order to protect the identity and diversity of each group of people and in the same time to strengthen the unity of the nation realistic and efficient plans are needed to be designed and executed.

Put away the highly polemic discussions in today’s Europe and especially in Switzerland on closing the doors to foreigners in order to save the nations, like ‘Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes’. We at Lost Lang believe and more than just unrealistic beliefs based on assumptions, developed from long hours of think thanks behind closed doors; through years of living in different countries and cultures around the globe we have experienced with all senses that human beings around the world regardless of their ethnical backgrounds, color, shape or even intelligence are same creatures deserving equal rights. We have observed that cultures and languages more than being labels to distance people from each other are collective answers which the majority of the population has gained to the questions around daily life routines.

That’s the reason for our assumption that how much you share your own identity, language and culture with a foreigner, enables them to speak, live and finally share the same identity as you.

We hope for life with understanding for cultural differences instead of labeling people with phrases like foreigners or native.

We hope for a life with the understanding that even if are born into a specific language and culture, we have the ability to grow and learn new cultures and languages and we have the right to choose which we want to call our own.

Lost Lang is an invitation for change.