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The Quran

As my neither English nor Arabic is my mother tongue, and the Quran being a religious text, I often use Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall's translation as this is the closest word-for-word English translation of the book to my knowledge, otherwise when more details seem beneficial or necessary, either I would pick or directly cite Tahereh Saffarzadeh's translation ...

Hafiz's poetry

While I did not originally intend so, Hafiz's poetry had turned to frequent quotes in few of my writings, specially when respecting the philosophical discussion regarding what love is, and for the translation to English, while at first I aimed to rely on Henry Wilberforce Clarke's work, as I picked a copy of it from my father's library, however, I frequently disagree with his word-choice and hence the translations are modified, sometimes to such degree that it makes little sense to reference his work ...

Hafiz, Divan-e Hafiz, trans. Henry Wilberforce Clarke, ed. Ghasem Ghani and Mohammad Ghazvini (Tehran: Payk-e Farhang, 2002).



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Manhattan at Night Songs (previous version) Vladimir Kudinov
Dates Tart Artur Rutkowski unsplash.com
red bubbles Blog Lyndsey Burk unsplash.com
Yellow wall & leaving girl Contact Section Rodion Kutsaev unsplash.com
Small Stones Poems Section Mickey O'neil unsplash.com
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