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How to get in touch with us

Best way to contact us is via email:

PS. Keep a copy of information you sent us, as a beginning startup, our infrastructure, software and code we use may fail and your email might get easily lost ...


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Hiring us?

You can either drop a request on our for-profit side-venture: Ostwind, or for indvidual contribution you may contact the website of respected individual, for example: Scrappy Nobody

Social Media

Though we've been planning to use a more modern, open-source social media platform solution as online community for Galactic Visions, currently, our preferred medium to keep up with updates, notifications & etc. is our Blog. Btw, send us a link to your post that you think we might be interested to repost, or your blog link to add to our blog-roll, please.

For brief communications (feedbacks, recommendations, questions, etc.) you may as well use Twitter.

As every online presence has to have a facebook page, we too, started one , but: like from you first, our more frequent updates there, hopefully will follow!

Technology used

This website is running on an instance of Interactive Books' Atelier - developed by Pirates' Atelier – on Ubuntu server rented from Digital Ocean (US-based server).

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