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Light against darkness and recent terror attacks

3 years ago | Reflections

I started Light against darkness with the aim that among other outcomes, it also would contribute to the understanding of the people that "ISIS" or the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" is rather something that fulfills some European and American dark fantasies about an ancient barbarian enemy against their civilization than being the result of Quran or Islam.

However, ever since a couple of more terrorist attacks have been carried out and I still couldn't manage the time and the free mind to sit and produce the materials which have to be produced.

I don't think the so proclaimed Muslims around the globe are totally without any responsibility for this. Unfortunately, Islam has been abused for political and personal motivations even since the prophet's death and it is hard to call those who actively do nothing against it "Muslim" as it is hard to call those who study Islam and mix the abuse of Islam with the reality of Islam as scholars. The worse cost of doing so is in losing what Islam is and it is worse than anything else, because Islam is a beautiful religion, which if one lived accordingly, not only he or she, himself or herself but rather all those around him or her will benefit from it, and whether you believe in a world thereafter or not, living according to Islam would even cause to have a far more just society both on individual and on the group levels and on the society as a whole. Mis-labeling Islam with terrorism or barbarianism would only make it harder for us to have access to some extreme awareness presented in Quran to us and all these with no cost.

There is also another bizarre side to current terrorist attacks. Most of these terrorists in comparison to typical political activists haven't been individuals who had a deep understanding from a certain worldview and believed it is worth to die for and as long as I can remember terrorists would target the core of their enemies and it is quite interesting, that all the attacks have been on irrelevant individuals in respect to the ideologies of a so-called "Islamic" state. Even in the most target-oriented recent terror attack in Europe which was the "Charlie Hebdo shooting", it is obvious that either those terrorist are total idiots, or they are not after what they claim to be after it. I mean, if you are against a certain style of thoughts in the public, if you want to terror someone, you don't go and kill those who work in that style of thoughts, you kill the man behind it. It's just obvious. But ISIS don't even care. In the last incident of terror, which "unfortunately" perhaps from ISIS point of view didn't really worked as they hoped for:

Investigators said Saturday that Santiago drew frequent police attention for domestic violence in his Alaska hometown and twice was arrested within the last year. Two months before the shooting, they said, he was admitted to a mental-health facility after showing up at an FBI field office and telling agents his mind was being controlled, complaining that the government was forcing him to watch Islamic State videos.

So, perhaps if he was killed by the authorities before being arrested, the ISIS would have released a statement and accepted the responsibility and praised their soldier. I mean, the whole events around ISIS are totally bizarre and not only they are at odds with Islam, but if you don't know much about Islam, it is obvious that they are not fighting to bring an ideology into the mainstream, rather they have other agendas at place.

PS. There are lots unfinished tasks at Lost Ideas Lab that I can't promise we are going to take on Light against darkness any soon, but if you wish to speed up our progress, you may as well support us.