Why Isn't Death Any Help

This is a draft song, waiting for production ...

Author: Hossein | Date: Sep 22, 2017

Why isn't death any help

when you are missed by the world

why isn't death any help

Being the last act of all untold words

Why isn't death any help

to let her know

the summer of her absence

the little bud of hope about life

almost died in the thirst of her face

why isn't death

any help

weren't you the guest

that I yearned to meet for years

why our second encounter can't be our first

just as it was supposed to be so

the day that someone meets you

all the joys of our world loose their glamour

should I have asked the sun

leaving every corner of her soul-case

with the marks of his kiss instead of mine

but he leaves marks of burn on skin

and she won't accept me

if I were to disagree

her beauty doesn't need corrections

her soul-case doesn't need role-model

should I have asked the lake

hugging her when she desires a human's closeness

when I am that injured human shying all closeness

but the lake is too wet for our taste

and she won't grasp me

that I were correcting a mistake

Affection can't overtake the bonds of two souls ...

Even if the only one friend left

I didn't consider to ask for help

but when it was your turn

why isn't death

any help

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