The singer whispering prayers to a girl who fear love

This is a draft song, waiting for production ...

Author: Hossein

I love your beautiful eyes

and the way they observe the world

I know you heard a bit of history from the past

I don’t disagree

The names of those who misused humans in the name the of religons

Seems to go on without end

I know from what that was once the mercy of Lord to us

there is only a basis for abuse left in the public

I just liked your beautiful face in the dark of the night

wasn’t looking for an ocean of desires

while our bodies in shackles of our past times

wasn’t looking for some mysterious lips and a kiss

while your force them to silence with tobacco

I wished to hold you in my arms

gift you my heart

not just for a night,

not even for the day after,

wanna hold you in my arms

from the morning of our times till its last sunset

wanna hold your hands

and I know you fear love

you fear love

you fear love

you fear love

and I know

in the world we live

with all these animals in the body of humans

N____ I understand

better be godless than cheating the humans

in the name of a misinterpretation of religion

but in your eyes

right back of your mind

there you can’t agree to be loved

I agree with all your godlessness attitudes

Living a life

distrusting the Lord

distrusting the One who look after your day and night

how can you accept to be loved

Denying the One who called you in existence

how can you accept a human is in love with that existence

I love your smart brain

with all its arguments to distrust all religions

I love your lonely heart

who try to find a bond in evolution, maybe nature

just somewhere that doesn’t stab you in back when you’d trusted them

the truth is

Atheists live lonely

I have seen in this world

I’ve been in beautiful churches, mosques and ugly prisons

The ones who were rich

build a tiny building for the God

And some much beautiful ones for themselves

The ones who were rich

perceived some wives for the God

and tried to live a boundless sexual life

The ones sick for influence

Get in mosques and the church preaching seemingly for the God

Founding some of the most cruel regimes of our times

and didn’t stopped there

From kings to corporations, they were the best supporters

Let me hold your hands

let me show you my world

would you let my love to take a bit over your heart


the truth is

Atheists live lonely

Our people

never read His words

The Lord

doesn’t need your beautiful buildings in His name

The Lord

Not only owns your Earth but all the rest of the universe

The Lord

The One Lonely, the eternally Besought of all

Don’t need your advice on dating

Never mind your lies about His wives or child(s)

The One,

Who sendeth astray whom He will, and whom He will He guideth

don’t need the fucking help of your religious preacher to guide His follower

being it in the depth of a well,

In the house of Pharaoh

In a cave on a mountain,

in an state of hopelessness in desert

or the belly of their mothers

My Lord is Omnipresent

The Lord is able to do all things

Never need your support to carry out His order …

Let me hold your hands

let me show you my world

would you let my love to take a bit over your heart


the truth is

Atheists live lonely

If He wills

There will be amazing men and women

and I hoped to be one of them, singing songs

causing breaks in the dome of the buildings of these fake noble folk

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