Dedication: N.

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Author: Scrappy Nobody

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[INTRO: the proposal of a man with lots of feelings, fears, desires, plans and mistakes … from a girl, with very beautiful face, body eyes, legs, everything and very smart and intelligent and a little shy and scary and very friendly, open and …, so the best woman in the man’s world ……]

I put on masks every day,

You can never read the lines behind my face

For each occasion I wear a suit

So you can never read the feelings covered with so much cloths

But girl

If I  would be down on my knees

With all the masks

With all suits

But girl

If I would ask you without knowing my answer

In front of every one

Who ever knew you

But girl

Would you give up

On the statement

Your life is complete without any men

But girl

Would you give up

Wearing makeups to look any pretty in the eyes of one man

But girl

Would you give up

Girl, girl

Would you just for a life time

For a year

For a weak

For a day

For an hour

But girl,


Would you,

Would you

For one moment

For this one answer to my question,

Would you

Would you

Girl, would you

Give up for me

on claiming

You should be individual,


And free


I know,

Your answer is NO





If ti was „Yes“]

But girl,

Would you,

Give up on being you,



You and I




And be now more you,

Would you?

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