I want to be intimate with your body

Dedication: Scrappy Nobody

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Author: Scrappy Nobody

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I want to be intimate with your body

I hate the boys who shut up

for the advice of their parents

towards the suggestions of advertisements

But I am too old to shut up

I am too bold to hold this head on my body long

and I’m always half drunk without ever having a shot

I am gonna tell the truth

even if it cause the whole child labor industry

being cut of all its margin, N___

I will love your chest all the rest of my life after a breast cancer

I will love your face when you’re old even though I doubt to stay alive long

I love your beauty since the day you were born

and the most

when you doubt yourself the most

I hate all the assholes

who trade love for nothing

end up calling every super skinny model

the only girl of their dreams

I am too old to shy to talk about sex

I’ve too many wounds to be convinced

rape is just for poor neighborhood’s people

I may be a ghost to every one else’s love life

even though I hold more secrets than their best friends or spouse

but for you I want to be the best husband in the world

And unlike towards every other men or women

I won’t stop if you wish to feel my body on yours

I love you

with all the misfortunes of your past

and all the dark sides

That you’ve hide

Even from that girl

I thought to be only your best friend

I just fall for the beauty of your legs

even though they weren’t exposed in running wears

I fall for the beauty of your curves

even thought the nights were so dark and I loved your face

And the things that you talked, so I did not to pay much attention

I fall for the beauty of your lips

and the meaning of the words you spoke

I fall for the beauty of your hands

And I wished and I had the consent to hold them

And handle all the uneasy stuff in your mind

With a kiss on your lips instead of cigars

I fall for the beauty of the look on your face

To be honest I loved all the looks on your face

and if men won’t be your things forever

I will ask Him to exchange our genders with each other

So if men in your mind are there to oppress females

If it’s you, I will be your wife and you the man

On my part, truly yours for ever

So, you be sured

I lost my mind for your wonderful body

Which I never even touched, N___

N___, I don’t beg you for love,

I am already a left soul and a dead body

The only woman I ever loved,

And her brilliant mind,

Take away,

All the hope

All the enjoy

Leave me with the pain

Leave me with the greatest wish to meet death

N___, I didn’t and don’t want your love

But your presence felt like my rescue

Without me ever asking to

So if you ever,



I mean ever ever ever ever,

wish to be different that who you are

Wished your body were just a bit different that it is

Remember this crazy old boy

For whom the closeness to your body

Just the way your body ever was and might ever be

Made his life in this damn’ world a meaning

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