If I just ask You ...

Dedication: Ashley N. Frangipane

Status | Progress: Private

Date | published: Sep 7, 2016

Author: Scrappy Nobody

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If I just ask You ...

rest your soul on my hands

I may never build you a house

I may never hold you too tight

I might have to leave this world all too soon and leave you too behind

rest your head on my shoulder

I am not gonna be your lover

and I love you purer than all of your world

and I realized the sparkle of desire in your eyes

all too late Rebekka, all too late

if I leave a passage empty for you

would you finally find yourself for me baby

I die for leaving this world

but dead or alive

I wanna see you shining as bright as the stars

in the darkest of mankind’s stay on the Earth

and I like your short hear

and the men’s dress you wear

and your female’s eyes and lips

and I was too blind to the sparkle of desire behind the mask on your face ...

on your faaaceee ...

so I forgot I should have asked you be naked

I should have pleased you in your body

but I am too broken

so if I leave a passage empty for you

would you complete this song with me

for you and all the beautiful girls like you

if you would have asked my parents

you would have been more man than me

and Rebekka I love lipsticks you wear

and I didn’t criticize the tattoos you wear

even so sure ...

so sure ….

so sure ….

why do you wish to ever paint that perfect skin

a life-long perfect skin just like ever-green-trees

I can't build you a house

and won’t show the world to you

there are too much incomplete tasks in my life

and I’m already running out of time

so if I ask you to be a girl

and keep all your boy dresses on [1]

and keep all your manly manners all alive

just write one passage between each of the passages of this half-complete song

if I just ask you to write few lines

so you see

these two bodies and two kind passages

turns this incomplete song in a master piece

not one of those for Grammy awards

one of those that hides in an invisible place in the heart of its audience

that rescue your soul, when you are left alone

with unbreakable pace twoards ruin


If I ask you to trust your heart

if I ask you to listen to the voice inside your heart

if I ask you to believe I love your heart

whether our bodies may ever be each other companies or not


if I just ask you for the rest of your life

be just as you are and realize your an all-right girl

it’s just that these people is ill-wrong ...

if I ask you to kiss a boy

whether me or not

if our world is empty of men

if I just ask you

just for my request ask the Lord

show you the boy you love ...

would you complete this incomplete song

waiting for your passages between mines

just as the body of two lovers fills each others in ...

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