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Rynbook is the idea of combing using code, to produce, share and learn music, to live a better life …

Currently we may not reveal much about the details about Rynbooks future but you can still gain an insight into background ideas, thoughts, wishes and etc behind Rynbook

Background Thoughts

Insight into Background Thoughts behind Rynbook

Working on an old wish ...

Since years ago, I started to thinking of making an online platform to learn, teach, share and produce music. To me, it looks a little sad that good indie music doesn’t get any attention and the famous songs of our days are songs like „shake it off“. Such songs have their own values but producing something full of sexism and becoming famous about it, I think music sometimes should help you grow out of your situation and conditions and not becoming lost in a temporary joy of naked female bodies and sex show.


I finally watched "shake it off" from beginning to the end for the first time and the interesting truth is that Taylor Swift is rather trying to muck her long list of critics, which doesn't critique her music but rather her personal life.

I appreciate this fun way of responding to her haters, fakers and Heartbreakers and as well the whole people in general. To be honest, I have heard her critics more than herself till lately that I heard the songs "Style" and "Bad Blood".

So let's talk about it:

I, my person, fully stands for every work of art you produce but if your songs have joyful verse like "I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt (tight little skirt)", then you should consider that …

I mean, look at this video "How to be a female pop star in 2014". You know she is kind of hurt by all these things and she is very right, too. So, let us talk about this, Taylor Swift.

Some styles are better for your spouse and your beloved one(s), in case you are like "‘Cause you know I love the players". My personal suggestion goes like this "Player instead of players" but yeah it is rather my personal preference if you like to say it so. Cause you know as long as you say it is better to love just one player, the whole community of people who has loved several and several people at different periods, or even these days several people at the same, all get mad at you and say things like I "Got nothing in my brain". Okay, to be honest, since I don't have the fame as you, they are pleased with themselves as soon as they say "I don't have much experience" or that "I have still a child's heart [or even sometimes mind]."

Taylor, do you know what? Men are kind of not talking when it comes to feelings and they rather go pretend that they "love the game" rather being honest and say that they love that specific woman or girl and indeed couldn't be with her together and, therefore, play games with you. I am not sure, if there is only one person, that you can ever love but even if it would be the case that people have the opportunity to share love with more than only one specific individual, again then still I don't think there are going to be more than let say 10 persons for each individual. So from all the people you might encounter during your whole life, there are only solely 10 that both of you are able to love each other, the rest are going to be players who love the game, so don't waste your time, and don't waste your songs. Even though you are so talented that when you sing about such trivial events of life, even then, people love what you sing.

Take care of yourself and who you are, you don't need to just "shake" because of what people say, live a good life instead and don't give a fuck about what people say, you know. and I understand that it is too hard to be calm when you face such untrue judgements, and I think your reaction is really the most creative one I've ever seen, till this day, but there are better ways than this out there, I hope!


The time I wrote the pervious update [for Taylor Swift] I didn’t had any idea, why did she performed a song as “the Blank Space” but accidentally I heard her explaining why and so I would like to tell “I will bow out of respect for your creativity” and you are the most funniest person I ever get to knew about them, in regard of your reaction to the media. The funny way you try to react to your critics, made me happy quite lots of time, in response, I wish you lots of happy days

Why do we combine music and code for a better life and not another reason?

Lost Ideas Lab encourages causing the soul of each individual to growth … Rynbook is about encouraging musicians who works toward making their soul growth and inspiring others in doing so, if Allah wills.

Music can be in someone’s blood.

Miley Cyrus’s legendary music performance, “wrecking ball” is a master piece in using ones body and voice and poetry to reflect on a not well worked relationship but this all has a down side on it, and it is that we are not born to grief on ended relationship but if human beings would ever be born to experience a troubled relationship then we are born to fix it and live it better than it was in the past, and as long as our music is not enabling us to go this way, we need to rethink the way we had taken … Rynbook is a different attempt, to go a different way … and instead of having Selena Gomez making wonderful performances as “Good for You” and Justin Bieber responding with beautiful songs like “Love Yourself”, a music performance should help troubled souls finding their ways back to each other, and all the people who makes profits by making rumors causing them getting step by step apart of each other, these people are destroying humanity … they should get punished … men and women are not born to break each others hearts. If a man and woman can’t help but breaking each other’s hearts, we don’t need to sing songs about how to get over each other, till a child become an author, there are dozens and dozens of sentences with grammatical mistakes, you just need to be patient, we can teach each other how to love rather than showing each other it is not easy to get over the one you love as by Selena Gomez with “the heart wants what it wants” and “Same Old Love”, we don’t even need to get over the past loves! Who told us that we should? The growth is not giving up after the first mistake and starting with something else, the growth is falling and rising again, falling and rising again, falling and rising again till you master your way. If we dance and we fall, we don’t give up on such careers but we let a bunch of vulture fool us with their rumors to give up on having a relationship with the person we love, just for them to sell a piece of their bullshit publishings?

If there would be any advantage in Rynbook over any one else, we do it for a better life not anything else, if Allah wills …

The story behind Rynbook's name

there is lots of stories behind our name but Ryn is inspired by a musician of the same name, with whom, it seems that I have much more in common than a home …