Love Letter For A Dark Angel ...

The beautiful with the body of a knight

The idol with the voice of a prophet

The dark angel who forget who she is

among idiot folks who were called the fans

The dark angel with the mind of a sun

The left angel with the pussy of a moon

The never loved child who forgot her identity

among worthless folks who were called the industry

Is this all you have Halsey

Come one,

The battle field is yours

All the words in your language

That I won’t ever learn their meaning also yours

All the number of records you sold and those I never produced yours

Is all that you offer

Is performing only in panties on stage

Is all that you offer

Is retelling your loveless one night stands

Come on

Put your hands in mine

You are an angel not a human

If you lust to fish

why shouldn’t we go for the white whale

Come on

If you wanna cut your hears

what don’t we put fire on the hearts of the youth

why don’t we show them

the highway to the hell

and long lost road to heaven

Is that all your body capable of dark angel

all you talk about is the drugs of this world

Come on,

why shouldn’t we addict those who have ears with truth

why shouldn’t we addict the eyes of the few remaining humans with honesty

I love you Halsey,

My angel why do you mistake yourself for human

Come on,

Halsey, you are the dark angel

Keep on with me

Come on,

I love you Halsey,

Come on

I love you the dark angel

with the love of the Allah

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Note | Usually when people honestly talk of love, they mean something very serious and strong … I usually see myself having no other way than saying “I love you” to someone, cause millions and millions … and millions times stronger and more intensive is how it happened to me. I understand that it may overwhelm others, so here is a disclaimer, may it helps you get a bit distant from how I feel, so, if you are not the subject of these poems, songs or works, you could find something beautiful in them …