Lord And ... And Me

If affection is the drops of the rains

for you

I'm drowning

If your lips are the doors to heaven

for me

I'm dying

If faithfulness is being home to one love

and your hairs are the signs of spring

for you

I'm the lifeless desert

I'm the dead earth

I'm the everlasting winter

in times when loyalty

is as reactionary and radical

as the spirit of true humans

If love is an invasion of one's selfness

in your body

the army of my morals recognizes the princess of the land

My Lord

You thought me Your promise

"And there is not a thing but with Us

are the stores thereof.

And we send it not down save in appointed measure"

And I never saw your heavens and hell with these eyes

forgive that in these unexperienced eyes

Your graceful creature gets easily mistaken for angel

and I stand in awe

how tell the account of a story that You let me know

belongs to someone else since the very first chapter

how to ask You of your stores

when the mistaken angel made me rewrite

what I expected to be footsteps of beloved

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Note | Usually when people honestly talk of love, they mean something very serious and strong … I usually see myself having no other way than saying “I love you” to someone, cause millions and millions … and millions times stronger and more intensive is how it happened to me. I understand that it may overwhelm others, so here is a disclaimer, may it helps you get a bit distant from how I feel, so, if you are not the subject of these poems, songs or works, you could find something beautiful in them …