Interactive Books' Atelier (IBA)


Interactive Books' Atelier, an alternative to conventional CMS, a highly extensible package for Laravel opening doors of unlitmed possibilities to design and develop an interactive book.

Published sections

We just published a first version of the app as a package for Laravel recently [September 9, 2017], so there are not documentations available at the moment, however if published, they will appear on this page ...

Where to go next:

  • PLP | IBA | Index Flyer: you can get an overall information about what this all is about, such as:
    • some screen shots of a living instance of IBA
    • What is in the box
    • How good is IBA
    • How can use IBA
    • and other information about what makes IBA, IBA
  • Digest Getting Started Guide: Getting started guide for non-beginners (you need to have some familiarity with Laravel + be able to setup packages on your environment ...)
  • Contact us
  • Give us a stars on Github: so we be motivated to publish more documentation main repository, vue based blog example repository, blade based blog example repository
  • Give us some shout out on social media: so we can be motivated to publish more refernished and bug-free versions of IBA
  • Get seriously behind our ideas & back us: so we can really develop IBA to what we actually imagined it to be ... [& lots of other ideas @ Lost Ideas Lab]