Our Mission: Reproducing Silicon Valley ...
if the Lord wills1 ...

All a city needs is to be the kind of place the next traitorous eight look at and say “I want to stay here,” and that would be enough to get the chain reaction started.


While the dominance of civil engineering discipline alongside the [mistaken] establishment of management in our area, especially on city, state and national governing authorities have had the side effect that nearly everyone has become blind to how and why a city, a state, a nation develops and grows in a certain way and not in another way, we view these entities differently.

Before introducing you to our view, let’s direct your attention on two notes:

  • Firstly. Civil Engineering is a vital discipline in order to maintenance and develop every form of human civilization on earth, yet in the same while it is important to be aware of the limitations of this discipline. To give you a short introduction, please take a look at this example: Nobody denies the fact that a human being needs to be fed and physically take care of, therefore physicians are important and time to time essential professionals for our societies but we are all aware that it would be stupid to think of well-being of a human being only based on his or her physical well being.
  • Secondly. It is important to be able to realize the difference between leadership and management. While management is a necessary function in some complex systems, when it comes to a group of human a working together in a way as a whole, it is impossible or extremely dangerous to abandon the role of the leader. One of the mantra of our area is qualification over any other quality. Yet, for certain tasks and professions issuing a qualification is pointless, cause there is no defined path to learn such disciplines in any kind of educational institution, as it is the case with lots of other disciplines. For example you can’t make a qualification for hero(s). It is pointless, if we would have required Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi to show us their qualifications and the courses the have taken in an educational institution before we could accept them as reformist and heroes of their times. Leadership is one of those attributes that won’t make sense to design a degree and issue qualifications for it. Yet as our area is the area of qualifications, some pointlessly claim to do otherwise.[1]

We view cities as living organism inside a bigger territory, which we consider as an alive unique entity. It is important to understand that in daily language we used to call those alive unique entities “Nations”, but since political boards nearly always are there because of any reason but to be to benefit of the people living alongside that hypothetical border. Naturally our view of those alive unique entities may not always confirm the concerns of those who tend to protect that hypothetical border not only in their mind but in the reality, too.

With all these in mind, we believe each of those alive unique entities around the globe deserve to have its own Silicon Valley, and by Silicon Valley, we rather refer to Paul Graham’s description of such places, quoted before. It is note to mention, that the “traitorous eight” in our view won’t necessarily need to be traitorous. We understand that the pressure from our economic systems, beliefs and methodology has willingly and unwillingly forced entrepreneurs to be after money printing machines, but more than anyone else, we are aware that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship have existed for long times and the emphasize on money making part of it comes only from the false obsession of our time with relocating the wealth from the majority of population to oneself.[2]

While the merge of a place which nowadays enjoying its fame as Silicon Valley and the role it plays in the world economy, industrial trends and … looks a like an accident, for me this accident is a comprehensible result of events which can be used to the benefit of human beings. The first discovery of radioactivity was due to a failed experiment of Henri Becquerel, yet the unintended results of that failed attempt was what others used, so today we know of technologies such as nuclear reactors.

Where to expect us …

Expectations from Governments

A corollary is that you have to keep out the biggest developer of all: the government. A government that asks “How can we build a silicon valley?” has probably ensured failure by the way they framed the question. You don’t build a silicon valley; you let one grow.

Our biggest expectation from a government is to enable us to grow a Silicon Valley in Vichy. How can we do this? What if we fail? How could we manage this? and all the other concerns that a government might have, will not going to be answered by us.

As the best practice of being parents in a family is to let the children grow, instead of bringing them up, letting the natural forces of a child’s being or in case you are religious the magic of God, do its own work. Like the bad smelling semen and eggs grow into a full functioning adult, let us do our own job, and in case we need help just support us.

The other expectation would be to have the permission to work in education and business sectors for people behind Lost Ideas Lab.

Your Role …

1 For a bit of information about such view around leadership, you may look at the article “Notes around the natural process of growing into great leaders“.

2 For us it is not a secret that “you don’t need more than what you need”, hence having the wealth of the whole world all together, won’t ever be to any benefit to you, when you don’t need it, and human beings even though with their seemingly boundless imagination are extremely extremely extremely bounded and limited creatures, hence some have more than what they need, some have less than what they need, and the equilibrium is not necessarily the equality.

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