Gifted Vitualizer

Chapter 1

Backgrounds Introduction

Welcome to N’s Ideas Hub’s backgrounds introduction. We are going to talk about things that don’t exist yet, so please be a bit patient with us and wait a bit time till the ideas and concepts presented here get a bit more close to you, before making any harsh reaction.

So, let start with the sentence we used to describe you our mission:

Our Mission: Reproducing Silicon Valley … Building wonderful Ideas’ Hub creative and gifted persons of the world love to work, live, and love where it exists, if Allah wills.

I know, I know, “Allah” is the God of people who kill others based on whatever unjust reasons, and for sure, I know no body believes in God. I mean even religious people, use the God to do whatever unjust they want, and the God himself seems pretty neglected. If I know all these why do I do use that “term”?

What we are going to do is something quite unique and I don’t believe in myself as a human being to be capable of performing any tiny tiny tines part of those things necessary to be done. I believe, if it won’t be God’s gifts, I would never ever do anything good. Not even being able to come up with such ideas. So, that sentence is just a reminder that the person behind N’s Ideas Hub, don’t think of himself, being a genius, being a prophet, being an angel, being an emperor, being whatever. I am a human being just like anyone else, and there is a gift we hope to share it with others in the best manner possible …

Seriously, I am not into the Islam as it is presented today by any of the Islamic nations, population or ethnical groups. Islam is the religion mentioned in the Quran, the millions and millions of individual who misinterpret and abuse it but that doesn’t change what is already written in that book, it just makes people believe in lies. In addition to that, I am not serious that religion has any place but in one’s heart, so anyone else in my life than myself, has his or her own heart and it is theirs and not mine. So, I would have been eager to marry an atheist woman and also I tried to show a lesbian girl as hard as I could that I love her, because to me it was wonderful to share the rest of my life with either of these individuals, so I don’t expect anyone because they are working for me, or because I am doing something in their favor becoming Muslim, religious or believer or whatever. I believe it is your heart’s choice and nobody, not even yourself can decide what your heart should believe in it and what it shouldn’t.

So, let’s go to what matters:

Let’s take a look at the example of human beings:

Our bodies has different parts with different duties:

As you see in the picture each section of a body has tasks that other section doesn’t perform and each of those sections have lots of cells that are quite like each other. Everywhere you can find blood cells and neuronal cells for example but each section of the body has lots of cells who are more or less of the same kind or at least perform really closely related tasks to each other.

At N’s Ideas Hub, we view a collection of people like bodies of alive creatures. So, let’s see, how such a thing will look like: 

That’s how a nation could look like, in terms of body parts, if it has been developed and grown idealistically.

The point is that you have distinctive and defined centers for every major task that need to be performed on the national level. Just like human bodies, for sure, you have a bank and police and etc in every town, just like blood’s and nerve’s cells but you have a distinctive hub for each of these cell groups. Blood cells all meet each other at the heart and the never cells are one way or another linked to the brain, and the brain and the heart are really heavily staffed by such cells. For example, you don’t have muscles in your brain and you don’t have bone’s cells.

But our today’s nations and countries are rarely designed this way. Every city tries to be the best, tries to attract the most possible. If a city can, it will have all the major banks, industries, entrepreneurs, and artist and politicians and etc to its center. Which makes every very awful.

Entrepreneurs enjoy entrepreneurs and a bit of engineers and a bit of investors, so best you don’t put them and the politicians in the same place. Or artists and banks are two different worlds, even though the existence of both of them relies heavily on money, artists can’t care less about money, and pay agents to think instead of them about money part of their life and the bankers hire art experts to buy and sell hyper-expensive arts and the only thing they think about is money.

It is very stupid to think the excretory system’s cells, just because they remove waste out of the body, are less valuable than for example brain cells. If those organs don’t work well the brain will sooner or later be forced to shut down all the operations. But just because these two are related to each other, you don’t put a tiny portion of the excretory system inside the your brain.

We strongly believe that as every living creature follows these simple principles of having specific hubs, as centers of like-minded cells who together perform a unique set of tasks, the best way to govern nations is to think of them and treat them like an alive being.

N’s Ideas Hub is aimed to create and help to create the entrepreneurship centers of nations …

That is a very very very simplified introduction to what this “reproducing Silicon Valley” is about. What we are doing is more complicated that this and to be realistic, we think, if one day we had lots of successes and people tried to look at us and learn what we are doing, hopefully, twenty years upon the death of me, you will have people at the future version of what we today call schools, learning how to grow cities and nations in different shapes and forms.