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Locker room talk around Jennette and Brazzers

I have no personal or professional relationship with Jennette McCurdy, not in any way directly or indirectly, and beyond that it is not only about Jennette McCurdy, but since I see myself indebted to her due to her professional endeavor, I took the bet to have few words with you, the kind of locker room talk men have with each other. [Not that of a con artist, some got fooled to chose as the president, but what real men talk with each other behind the closed doors. This time the doors are not closed, but since we don’t use any cookies or other methods to track you, that you’re reading this page on our sides remains secret.]

Let’s first talk about what hurts:

There are these people who make their livings out of selling their bodies, then you have the assholes who own and run such shows and call themselves “porn-industry”. Then on July 4th, 2011 one of these idiots in order to get visibility publishes a photo of Jennette from iCarly show with their banner underneath. Sarcasm used for good purposes is sometimes good. If you have been wronged by a powerful and can’t find yourself a way to gain justice, you won’t be blameworthy to swear that power position but Jennette McCurdy at the time was none of these and the Brazzers’ guys are not those who have been wronged, but those who are doing wrong on other people, on the society and as well on themselves.

Let’s face it: at the time Jennette is about 19 years old, her mother is suffering from cancer, her professional career is in trouble … these stupid people make that fucking joke about Jennette and you fucking support it.

But I don’t worry about that. Let’s take a look at what the picture is suggesting: a not adult girl having sex with a bunch of black boys … and hey, don’t forget, you have these fucking things about black people … You used to call them nigger and you still don’t shame yourself for that.

But that’s not the point, let’s take a look at what your behavior means: you suggest an innocent young very beautiful very talented lady having sex out of the concept of marriage with strangers for nearly all the photos she posts on Facebook. So, what does this mean?

Hey, I don’t know how this is punished in Judaism or Christianity but in Islam, and Islam is so much like Christianity and Judaism, in Islam if you make such statement you have to appear in court, provide four other witnesses to support your claims and if you don’t you are going to be punished in front of the public. And Islam is not like the Pope that if you pay a fee to him you go to paradise, actually if your statements are false, you are going to be cursed by the God Himself in this world and the world thereafter.

I’m not an idiot, I know you are not Muslim, but that’s not the point. It is just an example to show you how terrible your simple words are.

I hope this is enough to understand how terrible what you are doing is, but that’s not where I want to stop. Your erotic life is there to be part of your bond with an amazing woman in your life. God didn’t give you penis to make false accusations about Jennette. I am not a sex therapist, but here is a list of few sex related things:

- You never had a girlfriend.

Every boy once in their life never had a girlfriend, and beyond all the lies of the society, girls and boys are different and you can learn how to interact with girls, if you are interested in ending up in bed with them.

I don’t agree with all of it, but I think watching Jesse and Kong from is not a bad idea if you are really terrible in dating. But there is one thing they get wrong. They think the dating is the goal, whereas there is only one goal: building a family with the girl you love each other in your life … so, keep that in mind when you watch their videos.

- You actually lost your girlfriend, or it’s not as good as it used to be.

No, Kama Sutra is not the solution. Erotic is there so we bound, and if our bond is not as good as we want it to be, maybe you are just doing it the wrong way. No, I don’t mean your penis angel in her vagina, I mean how you live your day to day life with each other. Simple things are sometimes far more important that grand gestures. Of course, sex makes lots of sense but sex is built upon lots of other things, like how we care for each other, how we speak to each other, how much we are ready to do for each other, if we are there for each other.

There is a book called “The 5-love languages” which is an enlightening concept by Gary D. Chapman. Again, I think his ideas about the difference about “being in love” and the “in-love” condition are bull-shit, but the concept of 5 love languages is brilliant. Whether your relationship is successful or not I strongly recommend you to read it.

- You have special difficulties with women.

Maybe Autism? Asperger Syndrome? Fear of sexual intimacy? Are you too shy with the opposite sex?

The best book I have is in German. It is called “Suche Frau, Biete Mich” by “Regina Swoboda”. If you are really afraid of the idea of approaching a girl because you think the idea of having sex with her is a horrible crime and she is going to hate you for the rest of your life for having such thoughts about her, firstly, it is not that odd —okay, very few have it, but still you are not the only one—, secondly, read only women on this matter. I think, it makes a different when a woman tells you that, she likes if that man thinks of her being that hot to put to his penis into her vagina, and of course this all should happen after marriage … Okay, I cannot tell it like a woman. Buy a book on dating advice for men written by women, not a feminist woman, but a woman who is already married, then you will get the point.

An amazing book is “The Rosie Project”, by Graeme Simsion. This is a fiction and the main character has some of the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome. Read it, it will help …

- You are an asshole intellectual who can’t commit animal behavior like sex.

Okay, okay! Actually, philosophers have sex too. Okay, lots of them end up with prostitutes or probably never had sex with anyone else than prostitutes, but maybe that’s not going to be the case with you.

Anyway, there is a book that might help: “How to think more about sex” by “Alain de Botton”. I think the man is totally wrong, but if you are really into philosophy, you are already used to reading books with ideas that you think are totally wrong. It will help you to have your own opinion on sex. And it helps you to see it is not so strange.

- …… [There is that thing that happened in your past.]

Hey, there is an amazing movie that you have to watch: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by “Stephen Chbosky”, there is the same book from the guy who made the movie. Actually, he wrote the book first and ten years later the movie, but I love the movie, as well there are brilliant actors like Emma Watson … I mean that’s Emma Watson, in a movie about sexual trauma, love and lots of other things, how can you not watch it because of her? It’s a brilliant performance by Emma, Logan, and Ezra. It will change your life …

Okay, that’s the beginning, then you move on to the book by Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick, with the title “Waking the Tiger; Healing Trauma”, it is not specifically about sexual trauma, but I think you have to read it …

Thanks for following so far with me, the rest is going to be the stuff for the people who are really committed to making a difference … Yeah, I mean you. Come on, let’s move on. Hey, you can’t only read half of a page. Come on!

Firstly. Apologize from Jennette McCurdy. You owe her that. It shouldn’t have to be in words. But do something about it.

Secondly. Now that you understood how terrible your behavior is, don’t be silent about other women and girl who are falsely accused. It is terrible.

Thirdly. Share our suggestions with the people who need it. Damn you! It’s not going to kill you if you take your extrovert male friend in a corner and have such a locker room talk with him, if he is doing the same thing as you to another girl or woman. Don’t you have the balls for it? I am Hossein and you can tell the useful amount of content from this page to your friend, or just a quote in my name. Say, I met this guy who said these things that really changed me. I think, it is better if you tell what you would tell him yourself but if it is too hard for you, then do it this way …

Hey, guys, the rest of the stuff is not for you. So, I leave you with a song about being different and please read the rest only, if your name is written there … thanks.

Dear Marcus, Scott, and Dustin, I’ve always heard Jennette speaking good things about you and how much you care for her. But guys, you are her brother, how could you never had this locker room talk with those Facebook commentators? Hey, I want you to stand by your sister.

But she really loves you. I am not telling to make your face bad, I am just telling so, so people know as men, it is not always women who should fight for their respect, we live in this society and we may contribute to that …

Dear Jennette’s father, I don’t have a good relationship with my own parents, so I have no idea what to tell you, besides that I congratulate you the wonderful daughter you grow up, but I think you get the point …

And dear Jennette, let’s face it, why don’t you work on the stuff instead of posting your life on Instagram? I like the idea of having a bond with your audience, and etc, but posting a photo from your bathroom is maybe too intimate. I am a boy, you are a girl, and posting a photo of yourself in the bathtub, right after the shower, and I think as an audience the first thing you imagine is like being there, but honestly, I want your boyfriend to be there with you. Okay, it is just one second and then there are other distractions in life, but once I saw your work and I was really inspired. Inspired to write, inspired to sing, inspired to live a whole life and become who I am, instead of a fake identity. And I believe you have this effect on lots of people. Jennette, we all closed our eyes to the photos you claimed: “I just want to emphasize, I had something on”. Jennette, you live a life that you are realizing all your talents, I guess a lot of us will be encouraged to live a fantastic life, and I believe some parts of your beauty is better to be shared with nobody else than your husband. [Jennette it is all fine to marry young or to wait till 30, 35, it is bad to regret not having waited or not having married]

Dear Risa and Zane, I’ve heard some terrible things from Hollywood, like signing contracts that oblige you working for people in advance, like four albums in advance. I hope none of you end up there. I hope in Judaism you have the same concept that you can’t make a deal for selling a product that is yet not existing in advance, like the artworks of an artist. You know, I don’t believe in the nonsense about Islam and Judaism. Firstly, you are human beings, secondly, I believe in Moses as a prophet, thirdly, you are artists, and you seem to be good people, and beside all these, you are Jennette’s friends. I don’t know, maybe girls call it a tea-time talk, or something like this, but sometimes talking with Jennette and telling her not to sign a contract, a bit of love and a bit of telling her going after her talents, even if there is not a huge audience there, but if what she is doing is what she believes to be the best of her … Come on girls, I wish you success and ask the God help you if you help my inspiration …

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