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Inside every child is an ‘emotional tank’ waiting to be filled with love. When a child really feels loved, he will develop normally, but when the love tank is empty, the child will misbehave. Much of the misbehavior of children is motivated by the cravings of an empty ‘love tank.’

Dr. Ross Campbell, a psychiatrist who specialized in the treatment of children and adolescents.

— Cited from Gary D. Chapman in his book “the 5-Love Languages”

Looking around at the society and the examples of child abuse, rape, prostitution, adultery and … are not rare. It depends on your expectations of course but one can argue that they are far from rare.

We thought a bunch about how could these be prevented and after all I think the temporary and direct interventions of criminal justice and all the for-profit and non-profit interventions necessary and even if not always, sometimes performed in good qualities, but if you consider all these in the big picture, those wrongdoings seems rather of warning signs than real problems.

We believe, the relationship of the society with “Love” is the cause of such warning signs, and lots of other social and as well individual issues.

We believe, the possibility to live a different life is out there and that’s to live a life with “love”. By “love” we don’t mean a heterosexual marriage with a good case, but a lifelong commitment to the person, you can’t imagine a day without him or her, to the person you are eager to change your life and cause changes in yourself, if you knew, it would please him or her, with that we mean all those incompatible cases, that your parents, your friends, or your environment never thought to be your beloved one, yet your heart yearned for them, helplessly.

The unfortunate faith of our society is that it believes, “love” only takes place, when you both share a lot with each other, so a punk and a bank director won’t make a good couple, a foreigner and a native won’t make a good couple, or to be honest, the person you love won’t make a good spouse.

In case you find the right person and you were fortunate enough to start a relationship, the society is eager enough to tear relationships apart, too. As soon as your happy in your relationship, the response of the society is like this:

“Don’t you go time to time a bit out of the right way? That’s strange. Don’t you try to be more attractive in the eyes of your beloved one? You can subscribe to a gym, buy makeups, make a career and overwhelm your beloved one with monetary wealth …”

“Let’s never have a full love tank”, seems not only be the unconscious motto of our society but in a very strange way, if you happen to have a full love tank, the society will consider you a mentally or emotionally ill person. Smart guys are the ones who do everything to buy a Lamborghini and smart girls are those who do everything to appear sexy.


Everything is more complicated than this, but we just wanted to give you a handful of simple examples to get to know us better.

Our Hope …

We believe, “Love” exists, so that we grow. That most of people fall in love with the individual that the society doesn’t expect, is because “Love” is there for us to change us. And to be able to “Love”, you need to change a lot, and our today’s practices just simply skip that preliminary period of development and change till you finally find the balance in your relationship with your spouse.

To us, “being able to love” doesn’t mean being able to feel the passion but having a relationship with that significant other, that both of you deserve and dreamed of it all your life, the relationship that was better than all your dreams about marriage, to live “happily ever after together” … To be able to “love”, 

As soon as the relationship with someone is no more fun, the only option at hand is “break up”, or even more surprisingly, if our mind isn’t ensured that the relationship with someone your heart yearns for, would be fun, rarely someone would risk the relationship. [After all, all relationships ends somewhere in breakup, why to risk right from the start?]

But “fun” and “love” are not best friends. “Love” and “hard work” are best friends, and if they go hand in hand, one day you will reach that “fun” point, but before that it may all be “pain”, all “unpleasant”, it may feel like a research project in the search of “how can I make her or him happy” and it is normal that you don’t find the answer to it for few years. 

We believe, now more than ever you have the opportunity to do “hard works” with so much advancement, but we need to put the first step correctly, instead of looking for the one that life with him or her would look fun and pleasant, only and only looking for the one who our heart yearn for …

So, if you agree to accept the “hard work”, we invite you to “love”, cause “lovin’ is free”.