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The Lost Ideas Lab Journal 2018

Issue #13

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The Lost Ideas Lab Journal 2018

Issue #12

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Some places are lost, because those who arrived there never came back. Welcome to The Lost Ideas Lab Journal, if you enter it you may not remain the same person ...

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Art & Literature


Sometimes unspoken words, secret emotions, complex thoughts and … find their ways in a poem ...

Singing & Songwriting

Sometimes an idea find its way to expression behind the lines of a story or verses of a poem but some ideas don’t feel like home anywhere else but on the stage and in the rhythm of the music and the honesty in the harmony of someone’s melody and his/her world …


Lost Studio

Neglasnyy Masterskaya

When I was a kid, I found such profound peace working on a piece of drawing, later on the expectation on me grew so tense that any free time or ambition to follow on the aspirations of drawing and painting lost their priority on my schedule while at the same time I lost those moments of peace and sometimes fulfilment from my activities ...