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Jennifer Lawrence Socio-politcial Awareness Prize


I knew you from The Hunger Games. I too, liked the plot and the leader of a revolution against the wrongdoing establishment but the background of the love behind the surface in the plot was weak, and the terrible news was unlike “The Golden Compass” where the author of the book has written a book while having to criticize the religious Constitutionalized Power and Authority in mind … the author of “the Hunger Games” has never thought of any political aspect of her work, for she it was just a flavor to increase the sells of her young adult novel. So, I thought you are one of those superstars … I mean playing in big movies who sell well but are not well made, I mean the plot lack depth and thoughtfulness in first sight …

And “Joy …” was on my watchlist. On watchlist of those movies that I watch, because even though watching them might be hard, sometimes it is necessary, sometimes you find something, you could never find elsewhere …

And then you were on that show “The Graham Norton Show” and I praise your finger, your reaction and your behavior … Okay, I was looking the Show because of Johnny Depp and I kind of felt a bit distracting being between you and that boy making fun with each other, but your finger changed everything, or at least caused everything to change …

I don’t know, why I watched your interview with Charlie Rose, but you showed me the concerns of an actor and the life of a gifted. That was the day I understood the actress in The Hunger Game and the Joy are the same persons and for her that director in Joy means a lot that she rather would keep a part of him for herself … I liked your opinion about money and the balance you try to achieve between chasing after creativity and still having a living. The first thing I thought I will use from that interview, was your story with school and your later success out of school, but I have found a brilliant individual and I like to celebrate it, not that I’ve found that brilliant unknown thing …

So, here is the deal:

[Currently I am close to broke, but ] In case we can have a more established position —if Allah wills— Lost Ideas Lab would like to encourage, support and promote socio-political awareness of the general public in celebration of Jennifer Lawrence’s finger, with a yearly international prize devoted to her name.

Donald J. Trump is probably the next president of the United States and even if not so, he still has millions of individuals who vote for him in the United States. So we believe it is an act of incredible courage and bravery to show your middle finger on a live show, while you risk your career and the dislike of half of your fans.

A reasonable mind believes that “when an honest, well informed, very intelligent and gifted individual behaves in such way, the public will question itself regarding the dignity and truthfulness of Trump’s campaign and plans …” as of this reason we believe the behavior of Jennifer Lawrence being more than enough.

But the truth is that the correction doesn’t stop here. It is important to be clear why the ideas and visions of Trump and his likewise religious, social, and political leaders around the globe are wrong claims designed to keep those very individuals in power.

For example the Wall idea. The point is simple: “when you had a poor neighbour who quite often invite himself for dinner to your house and instead of building a wall on your front door, you find him a job, I mean, he would be glad to clean up here and there, answer your phones, cooks something delicious, even if he had no skill, he could learn something after a while.”

The Wall is not to the benefit of anyone but the Trump to stay in power. The real point in how to solve the problem has rather remained undiscussed around the globe.

So much about why the existence of such prize seems important to us, and unlike the noble prize, we would rather choose those who aren’t expert in such fields. Nobel prize can be in its place for those who deserves it, we rather hope to point out the actions of those individuals whose attribution to socio-political awareness of the society won’t be recognized neither by their job, nor their authority, in contradiction for example to journalists or presidents.

The following is why we believe in devoting this prize to the name of Jennifer Lawrence:

– For my life, I have always suffered from being informed about someone’s significance, first after they have died. As long as one is alive, people tend to be competitors and don’t talk about a person’s brilliance but once they are dead, some find it easier to state what a brilliant individuals those were, maybe because of the fear that if they don’t do so, people will later call them blind, but I don’t fear of having lived a life while publicly praising those stars of humankind, I don’t hesitate to praise one and be seen less in shadow of their success, so unlike our culture of celebrating those who would no more be able to accomplish anything, I wish to praise Jennifer Lawrence while she is alive …

– I have seen your acting and even if not much of your performance, but your talent as an actor is undisputed, while I hope you remain one of most fabulous actors of our time, I don’t mind to push you being a bit more conscious of your impact on the society, both if it is your personal lifestyle and your public statements.

– Yes, we could have waited till you die, and then devoted a prize in your name, but there might be few, problems, the most important one, who knows who is going to live longer … I am saying that to be clear that  celebrating your presence and your actions in our time as part of people whom we live with them in the same period of time, is rather a duty than an act out of my personal preference toward you.

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