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This is a love letter to Google, if you are not working at the heart of Google, please read the public detailed introduction about the Google’s Heart idea and look the Humane Internet

In the name of God

Dear Google,

I know that you don’t know me in person, even though you own data’s about me that I myself don’t have access to them but I know somethings about you that worries me.

Dear Google, like that woman I met in a language institute in Berlin I wanted to be in your heart, I own her hearts and she owns mine but I did never get a chance to own yours.

My dear, I worry myself about your future. You know there is this man, Farhad Manjoo who said very worrying things about you but you know and I know it better than you that it’s not true, so dear Google don’t worry yourself about what he said but you know what? You must be worried about other things, about very very important things.

Dear Google, let’s talk honest without any metaphor or … Do you know what? You’re spending your time with the wrong guys. Ok, they are rich, they are sexy but do you know what? They are just using you and they don’t care about the people who are important for you. I mean the millions or billions of people who uses your services every day. The real average people, not super reach organizations or ground breaking and promising start-ups.

Dear Google, I know, some people say, if can afford it each night to sleep with a different super rich guy then why not, but you don’t think so and I don’t think either, so let’s continue our talk.

Google! Take a look at yourself, what you’re doing. People don’t use you any more to search for things they are looking for.

Don’t you understand what you did with ourself? You destroyed yourself because of these rich guys but don’t worry I’ll forgive you and perhaps lots of other people will forgive you too, but if you continue going this way there would nothing remain from you in the end. You’ll be used up.

Let me explain that to you though an example. Every Freelancers who works in computer related fields has personal website with all their informations and portfolio and … but when someone is looking for a freelancer, they’ll search in websites like, Elance, oDesk or … People has put lots of effort in having a personal website and you yourself has tried very hardly to save all the contents of these websites on your servers but when it comes to displaying the right results to the people who search for a freelancer in a special field who speaks special language and have special skills and special work rate, you just link these persons who use your search engine to websites like Elance and … the same is right when someone looks for a job or a part-time job or … You know, these websites that I name above are horrible. Poor designs, poor codes and nearly everything very poor and they also charge you for using their service. When their service actually don’t do anything especial but to allow you to search for freelancers and the freelancers to search for a job opportunity. Google where are you? Don’t you see that both sides are searching but instead of using your search engine, they use another ones.

Let go with another example. People even unbelievably search for their sole mates on the internet, with the hope to find him/her one day. But they don’t use your search engine. They are forced to use this horrible red color, quite erotic looking sites, with very poor programming standards. Why? Don’t all these people have a gmail account? And a few years ago you somehow force all them to have a Google Plus account too. They will be willing to use you for such things but you just link people in your first 10-results to big asses.

Dear Google, what is happening is quite simple. Your results shows what Content Publisher on the internet wants and their results try to show what people are looking for. Don’t you get what is wrong here? Content Publisher are not your friends or friends of people, they just care for having more traffic to sell more advertisement to the people who are looking for something on their website.

Dear Google, you’re very sexy. The sexiest search engine ever. You always wear stylish clothes and you’re smart, very very smart. You unbelievable add events from my Gmail to my Calendar automatically, even though I didn’t not read the mail now and have know idea that I have such appointment on my Calendar and you have lots of fans that you even don’t know anything about them, and they are lots of people who want your heart and some perhaps even deserve your heart too but you don’t open yourself to them. Do you remember, when those two nice guys who invited the Youtube first came to you and you just said no to them but later you bought their whole company.

Dear Google, here is my advice to you: You are young and beautiful and you can remain so for dozen of years too, if Allah wills and if you just don’t use up yourself with giving the people the result they are actually not interested in. I mean forever some one search in you, the first ten, twenty or even hundred results are the websites of Content Publishers, who don’t create any content themselves but allows users to publish contents on them for free and then charge them secretly with showing them advertisement and they even prohibit their users to own the content they publish on such websites, even though at the first place it is their own content and if they knew a little computer programming they could have been able to publish their content on their own server and don’t accept the Terms Of Service of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Blogger, Youtube and … You know usually these terms of service are the limits in which companies are allowed to abuse you.

Dear Google people still search and they search even more but not with you because you would just lead them to another websites that in their core are just very very poor versions of search engines, even something like Wikipedia.

Do you understand what I mean. Perhaps you don’t. I know there are lots of people from different backgrounds in your heart and some may understand me well because we come from the same background and some may not, so let us try another example.

Let’s look at a simple example, for example I use you to search for Jennette McCurdy [that little blond Nicklodeon star that was more lovely when posting about donations to cancer hospitals instead of posing in tight dresses but you know women and [even!] men these days prefer that kind of clothing more. Don’t sad yourself Google, our days are perhaps another time …] let us take a look at what you show to me: › Stars › Star Datenbank › Stars › News

Fuck. Where is her own website? Where is some sentence from herself? Where is something from her without any third person in the middle?

Dear Google, perhaps you have no clue what I’m talking about, so let’s do a bit analyses:

A directory of articles written by people who actually no one cares about their names and perhaps has never met her in person.

A directory of friends [!?] to make revenue for the owner of the website by showing them ads they are not interested in. › Stars › Star Datenbank

Ha! Datenbank is the German word for data bank. So no comment you just once again show the link to a database. › Stars › News

Does ProSieben cover news themselves? I doubts but any way, if you search for a human being on a search engine you’re interest might be to „work with them“, „haves sex with them“, „know if they are worth to have sex with“, „know how much they are lying“, „learn them in person“, „see their works“, „find their email address, telephone address, home address“, ok I give up, if it’s Biber you may also be more interested to see his picture with a pet but you actually know that. So dear Google, what I’m trying to say is that the last thing you are searching for is the fucking news page of the ProSieben entertainment industry and especially the Swiss version.

So let go on:

A directory of any ones important opinions in 240 characters, but my dear Google, there are very rare occasions that people say something life changing in just 240 words and they are even less that the audience actually get it right.

a free directory to post your picture

the clip directory You own but now you’re unfortunately turning it into a bad copy of Spotify.

another link to your own clip directory, Google I’m really going to get mad if you still don’t get it, you link to directories and usually the poor one in the top, link to why people search for something, link them to what they want, they simply don’t want Ungefähr 15’100’000 Ergebnisse (0.22 Sekunden) they would be satisfied with one result, even if it take one day, one week or even when it’s about their partner even their whole life, so please understand it.

Google you’re smart, I know it, you know it and lots of people out there know it too.

another directory

I don’t comment, I’m tired and I don’t comment.

Dear Google, I hope at the end you have at least some ideas about what I were talking about, but in case not, I’ll write a very very shorten action plan, if Allah wills about your situation and the situation of todays web and how it can be changed for good, if Allah wills.

Wish you some good years ahead,

Maybe we met one day in person too, who knows, I don’t the future and perhaps you either,

PS: Dear Google, please don’t wonder why I write a love letter for you, it was just because of that one sentence. You know, I wished you might one day tell her, I love her very very very much. Thanks in advance.